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Bewildered Strain Review

Yes, Bewildered.  Also excited, enticed, and curious! I get that way when my guys from Select Co-Op provide a strain so new by their breeders that you can’t find info for it online.  Like I’m one of the first explorers on an exotic new island…I’m Columbus conquering land inhabitants and “discovering” land already here…okay anyway. Bewildered has my creativity and imagination amped up!

First of all the bud structure will have you bewildered. It’s comprised of dense large nuggets that have an oblong conical shape. Light green hues swirl around orange and purple contrasts to entice like a piece of candy. Scents of berries and a peppery skunk aroma linger upon breaking open the buds. Beautiful crystal trichomes cover this piece sight of bewilderment.  

Bewilderment has a taste of sweet peppery grape berry punch. The flavors evenly balance to give unique blend of elements. I am unaware of the THC levels but this definite hits like an indica. The effect of body relaxation was instant and potent. The mental effects hit quickly with euphoria as well as care-free couch lock instantly arriving. Enjoy being bewildered.   

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