BEST WAYS TO GET WEED IN DC 2021, Weed is now legal in Washington DC although we don’t have any DC dispensaries like the ones you would see in Colorado, Washington State, or California. After the Initiative 71 was granted, the federal spending budget put a stop on the District from setting up a similar retail sales program for DC weed.

Have No Fear though! I71 still allows adults to have on them to be able to carry, grow, and or share DC Weed, so in the absence of places with their LLCs , and a discrete market of weed gifts blossomed to help you get weed in DC. We needed some evening wind down energy. With over a 1000+ HDIGW’s daily Articles and Reviews don’t get disappointed click below find what is best for you or ask one of our teammates. Good recommendations coming from, Select Co-op!

1st time smoking

Marijuana Newbies First Time At A Dispensary

Proper Weed-iquette
Most dispensaries are super chill, and they are focused on ensuring that you have a fantastic experience. Think of the dispensary like a specialty store where you can purchase items like craft beer or your favorite cheeses. Dispensaries like Select Co-op are easy to navigate online from the privacy of your home, and someone is available by phone to answer any questions you may have before delivering your products to you. You should visit a dispensary for the first time for an in-store experience, relax, and here are some tips to navigate a dispensary smoothly.

Marijuana Dispensary 101

In states where weed is legal, a dispensary is a store that is authorized to distribute weed. This is a framework that ensures that you are accessing marijuana of the highest caliber. Products are clearly labeled to ensure that you can make informed choices about your purchases. Also, a good dispensary has a well-educated staff who can answer any questions that you may have about the products and their effects.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic: There’s no shame in admitting that you’re a newbie. This means you don’t have to impress the staff by ordering firepower that you aren’t able to handle. Also, staffers can point you to the best weed to ensure a pleasurable experience if you are upfront



For those that do not know it is illegal to sell cannabis in Washington DC. DC.GOV clearly informs us that “while the District’s marijuana statute allows for possession of small amounts of marijuana, it is not legal to sell it. As a result, MPD has been responsive to complaints of such illegal activity at local businesses throughout the city”.

Find Law, or any basic law website will inform that concerning cannabis in Washington DC, “There are no storefronts. Sales are arranged at designated places. While it is legal to give marijuana to someone, the sale of other items to make that gift can run afoul of the law quickly. There have been arrests made for these kinds of activities”.



There is another issue even for medical card holders in Virginia. There are only five dispensaries in the state. That can make for long drives and long waits in line. While Virginia limits sales to medical card holders, many medical card holders and recreational users take advantage of Initiative 71 in Washington, DC.

Initiative 71 allows for the delivery of cannabis, gifting of cannabis, and sharing of up to two ounces. Some are under the false premise that this allows for cannabis storefronts in the District of Columbia. This is absolutely false as a quick check on about Initiative 71 will inform one.


Time to get in to how to get weed in DC. Let’s search the scene and see what we’re actually looking at. Unlike California or Colorado the ability to have your marijuana tracked from farm to table doesn’t exist here. When in search for the best in the market a few options are available. Pop-ups, storefronts, and delivery/pick-up  services rule in the capital city. Due to Initiative 71 finding marijuana isn’t some clandestine ordeal where you have to know a “guy” or something. The internet,  with the choice of a few special keywords,  will avail you to a wide variety of options. Along with social media there are ” vendors” at your fingertips.


If you’re looking for a bite after the Nationals game and fireworks display check out Hatoba, which means dock. It was designed with its Navy Yard location in mind and offers Sapporo-style ramen. Housed inside an over 100-year old boilermaker building, the interior features touches of shipping containers and nods to Japanese baseball memorabilia (Nationals Park is just a couple of blocks away).

The 4th of July is the perfect day to honor the history of our great country by visiting a monument or landmark. Our nation’s monuments commemorate both historic events as well as natural wonders from sea to shining sea. Be sure to stop by one of America’s many landmarks. You’ll learn a thing or two about American history and have a weekend you’ll never forget.

Washington DC still has restrictions for gatherings and events. Virginia and Maryland, the states that surround the district have adjusted many regulations, but DC is standing pat. I wanted to go to a Wizards game and see Westbrook play, but I was reminded that no fans at games in DC yet. However, there are some 4/20 events you may want to check out that are happening in DC. The first is the Entering Cannabis: the Global Landscape Summit. This event will be aired online live and will last from 11AM through 11PM. Tickets are available via eventbrite.


Lately I’ve been getting a few invitations to pop ups in the area. The last time I linked with some of my friends, at least one person got the bright idea to head over to some pop-up. I’ve been able to get out of it in a couple different ways. Once I had the good shit from my guy at Select, the other time I was blessed by the timing gods, since I was already on my way out when my friend raised the issue. I kept up a cool facade, but in my head I was like hell no, because who wants to travel to some random spot to get weed from someone I don’t know? I know some people who look to this as their primary way of getting weed, but I’m not one of those people. Read on to find out more about why I avoid this trend like the plague. 

I remember when DC first loosened the restrictions on recreational cannabis and legal “donations” for cannabis. All of a sudden you had these “pop up” spots at a random house in DC, or even more hotter at a hotel somewhere. Let’s look at these joints that can be tantamount to the wild, wild, west…


What is Initiative 71? We are not speaking of the slow moving film ’71 about a British soldier stuck in Belfast during 1971. Initiative 71 is Washington DC’s legal measure that approves (legally allows) for the possession of marijuana. Initiative 71 also allows for some creative gifting in the District of Columbia. Initiative 71 allows transportation of up to two ounces in the District of Columbia. Initiative 71 allows for transfer of up to one ounce without remuneration. This is where an awesome service like Select Co-Op comes into play.

Specifically, Initiative 71 permits up to two ounces of marijuana in one’s personal possession. One can cultivate, or grow up to three marijuana plants. The website for the office of the mayor confirms the above information. 

Initiative 71 also allows for some creative gifting in the District of Columbia. Initiative 71 allows transportation of up to two ounces in the District of Columbia. Initiative 71 allows for transfer of up to one ounce without remuneration. This is where an awesome service like Select Co-Op comes into play.

Personally, I keep walking past Trader Joe’s when I see the lines wrapped around aisles. The same goes true for Costco as I avoid car lines wrapped around the blocks for gasoline. I appreciate a delivery service like Select Co-op. They set a time and place and are there. They usually have to wait a few minutes for me, but they are always on time. The new medical flowers in the state of VA is great for VA medical card holders that want to wait in line and have limited selection; the rest of us can take advantage of VA Cannabis Alternatives – Initiative 71

Medical Marijuana


Wow! I feel for folks in Virginia trying to deal with this medical marijuana license headache. A recent article on spoke to a medical patient’s dilemma in receiving her cannabis card. I hope people realize Initiative 71 exists in Washington DC and many Virginia residents take advantage.

We will get to what exactly Initiative 71 is in a minute but first the VA woes. The article is a first-person account of first the wait for the card that the author has yet to receive. She has been told her “application and supporting documents have been received and approved” via email. She has received her Medical Cannabis card number as well. Although she cannot buy cannabis without the card so by the mailbox she waits.

How to buy weed in dc? Really. Please correct me with facts if I am wrong. First off, a medical dispensary, a state taxed facility, sells 3.5 grams for $10. Is this a non-profit dispensary? I remember paying $100 an ounce like the friend from Colorado. That was when I smoked swag and picked seeds out of bags. Cannabis for $100 an ounce is dirt weed I do not want. Just like quality produce, meat, liquor, clothes, and automobiles one gets what they pay for. When you deal with a delivery service in DC expect to pay for quality.


When cannabis became recreational legal in Washington DC I was still apprehensive about doing anything publicly concerning cannabis. Friends would toke up at a park or walk to a club hitting a joint. I was and am still leery about such behaviors. Thankfully, I have found a recreational dispensary delivery service, like Select Co-op. It has been a winding road of cannabis experiences.  

When Washington, DC first began Initiative 71 I was amazed at what was happening. If you are unaware Initiative 71 allows for the transportation and gifting of cannabis up to two ounces. Check out for more information.

So what is one to do? Realize that Initiative 71 allows for recreational delivery dispensaries; an alternative to the medical dispensaries. Like medical dispensaries in Virginia, DC medical dispensaries have been dealing with shortages and scant selections trying to compete with larger operations buying up all the goods first. Thank goodness for recreational dispensary delivery options like Select  Co-op. These operations do not have to rely solely on government “licensed” distribution of cannabis, have more selections of flowers as well as concentrates and will bring your 4:20 supplies directly to you within the DC city limits, and are Initiative 71 compliant….”Take advantage Man”!


So you are ready to grab your cannabis from the dispensary. If you’re in Virginia the only way that is happening is with your medical marijuana card. If you are not aware, it is a long wait for it to arrive and once it arrives the dispensaries are few and the selection even scantier at the medical dispensaries. “Casey” recently wrote about her woes dealing with Virginia medical dispensaries on

A areas are realizing that it is worth a monthly or bi-weekly (every other week) trip to come to Washington DC for their 4:20 recreational and medicinal needs. Washington DC has a few medical dispensaries. However, the Outlaw Report has documented the shortages that DC medical dispensaries are facing. The official licensed facilities have had challenges maintaining supply as larger companies to buy up the stock first.  

So why come to Washington DC for weed without a medical card? Drumroll please…. For Initiative 71 compliant recreational dispensaries. Now we will get clear with our terms. Sometimes terms are used interchangeably when they do not mean the same thing. For example, people often call a firearm magazine a clip; We know what people mean although a clip is for attaching a string of ammunition; usually for older vintage firearms.

best ways art4


These “vendors” tend to have been around the longest and that’s no accident. They’re mostly found online or on sites where they’re cleared and reviewed constantly keeping them on their toes. Larger varieties of strains is a tale tell of a great “vendor”. Prices may tend to be a little higher than the pop-up and storefront but it’s worth it. Updated menus and online ordering makes the experience a cut above. The top shelf ” vendors” also have a pick-up option where you can pick from the menu yourself,  our favorite. You can shop, it’s convenient, and the quality is the best. Delivery/ Pick-up  is definitely our tops… so far.

There are more than a few delivery services in the District of Columbia. I would drive into the city for cannabis. While recreational cannabis is legal in Virginia to consume, anyone delivering in Virginia is a novice to the game, setting themselves and you up for a perp walk. “Shooot” in my Clay Davis voice; no thank you. The same holds for Maryland. In the District a reputable and established service, like Select Co-op where I get my supplies from. This is your best best to secure your 420 needs.

You have concluded your visit to the District of Columbia and you have left over cannabis, actually you purchased a surplus to take home with you. How do you transport it? The safest means is in your own car via a route friendly to marijuana possession. Be aware that if you are driving that states have different laws concerning cannabis so know the laws of the states you are traveling through.  


Stoned In DC? Here’s How To Enjoy Your Buzz. DC is home to a vibrant local music scene and is a stop for many internationally acclaimed acts. Marijuana can enhance the senses and makes music even more enjoyable. Engage all of your senses as you watch your favorite musician jam. Kick back with some drinks and enjoy yourself as weed wafts through the air, while you groove at some of the district’s best venues.

The 9:30 Club and its famed eclectic line-up is back in business, as is the Black Cat with its solid mix of underground local and international acts. Also worth checking out are The Anthem and the Echostage . These goto venues are great places to catch a solid vibe. You can easily find local bands, orchestras, and choirs who are putting their own spin on your favorite patriotic tunes. Outdoor concerts on the 4th of July usually end with a fireworks display, so consider an outdoor live music performance the best of both worlds.


Why is Everyone Coming to D.C. to Smoke? If you travel to a place frequently or even just occasionally, securing a reliable plug for your cannabis needs is a big decision. Some people call it Cannabis Tourism, or Canna-tourism. I don’t care what you call it, but tons of people are doing it, especially in the Nation’s Capital. It’s a heady combination in a hell of a town, and finding the right recreational cannabis dispensary to help you elevate is key to unlocking all the fun and relaxation possible in D.C., and for me there’s no better choice than Select-Co-Op.



Sure, we’ve got cherry blossoms, museums and monuments, but our nation’s capital is also a cannabis-friendly island surrounded by pot prudes, and it may be on its way to becoming as hot as Amsterdam, Jamaica, Colorado and California for folks who want the thrill and freedom of a legal high.

The D.C. law allows people to possess up to two ounces of marijuana for personal use, allows consumption in a private place and allows residents to grow up to six plants.

The “Cannabis Friendly DC Hideaway Suite” includes free toiletries, towels, “free samples of cannabis strains for personal use” and “free infused edibles.”

Marijuana in DC, well my guy at Select always hooks me up with the best, highest quality stuff with a convenient delivery. And the best part is, you don’t need a medical card or DC residency to get the best quality stuff. If you have a card, then great, but everyone is welcome, as long as they are over 21. D.C. is known for being flooded with tourists during the spring and summer months, but one of the best times to visit the city is in the fall.


What is the growing process of cannabis? 

Before you do anything, make sure to set aside some time along with some space and effort if you’re looking into growing. It’s known among most growers that marijuana can take anywhere from 4-8 months to completely mature, depending on the strain and whether you choose to grow indoors or out. Although, within this time period there are 4 major stages that the plant endures through its life cycle (get out your pen and paper because this is VERY important). Germination, seeding, vegetative and flowering. 

Growing and it’s benefits

One thing that I didn’t know was how relaxing of a process this is. From watering the plant daily to pain and anxiety relief, once mastered, cultivating cannabis can be a major stress reliever in itself. Plus, it’s almost nothing more satisfying then watching your work evolve right in front of your eyes. So if you’re interested in growing for family, friends, or even yourself. Just make sure it’s legal and make sure to take care of every plant like it’s your own kid. Cause in a way, it kind of is.

Feminized, Auto-Flower, Regular, Or CBD? Your Guide To Weed Seeds

To determine what kinds of seeds you want, begin with the end in mind. If your goal is to enter the world of breeding, or to grow genetically sturdy clones, regular seeds are the way to go. Regular seeds are natural and come in indica dominant, sativa dominant, high THC, and high CBD varieties.

If your aim is to maximize the growth of colas- the central flower cluster that forms among the main stems and large branches in a mature female cannabis – aim for feminized seeds. Feminized seeds stem from crossing female plants with other female plants, which forces female plants to pollinate the other. Feminized seeds almost guarantee your chances of germinating female plants, which means tons of buds.


As the Coronavirus rages on, affecting growing numbers of the population, some worry that this may change. Unwilling to roll the dice on this decision, or to subject themselves to a weed shortage many marijuana enthusiasts are taking the opportunity to stock up.

Now that two-thirds of the states support the legalization of medical marijuana, it’s reassuring to see that many are recognizing this service as essential. Here’s a breakdown of how each state is managing access to legal cannabis during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Weed In DC , As quarantine restrictions begin to lift, we’re all thinking about what the new normal will look like. Well, imagine swishing cannabis-based mouthwash as part of your daily coronavirus prevention morning routine. It could become a reality. Canadian research scientists at the University of Lethridge, working together with medical cannabis research and development company Pathway RX, and cannabinoid-based oral health company Swysh, recently published a study with preliminary evidence that cannabis may suppress COVID-19 infection through the oral cavity. Oral care, like mouthwash and throat gargle products, could become an important potential avenue for disease prevention.


There are Reddit boards dedicated to sharing crowd-sourced information about micro-dosing methods, preferred dosages, and the effects of mushrooms. However, it is worth noting that despite the popularity of psilocybin, or shrooms the legal system in every state hasn’t caught up to the way people are using it in real life. That may lead one to ask, are the benefits of micro-dosing worth it? The short answer is, it’s complicated.

Researchers have been aware for a long time that psychedelic drugs can have significant therapeutic effects on a person’s mental health and outlook. Now, there is new research that pinpoints what actually happens to the brain, when it is under the influence of psychedelic drugs like LSD and psilocybin. Psychedelics change the way that the brain functions. Doctors are now studying psilocybin as a tool to treat addiction. They are hopeful that psychedelic’s brain resetting benefits can cause long-term benefits, altering the way that the brain processes information, which will carry over into longer-term behavioral changes.

Although LSD and psilocybin are relatively safe, there is a very high risk associated with buying substances from an illegal source, because you can’t confirm the purity and concentration of the substance. You also won’t know if other toxic substances are present in the substance you receive. The information around psilocybin is promising and definitely deserving of more research. Many experts agree that psychedelic drugs show a lot of potential, either taken as a part of a micro-dosing regimen or when with psychotherapy and psychological treatment.


Washington DC marijuana Initiative 71 allows for the delivery of cannabis to individuals under two ounces. However, as a consumer there should be a basic etiquette. A delivery service that is professional, like Select Co-op will have all of their information, processes, and selections on the website. A lot of time and questions can be saved by simply reading the information on sites before calling to place an order, so others will understand the 4:20 Delivery Do’s And Don’ts.

A 4:20 “Don’t” is to hit up local shops in the DC city limits selling cannabis out of storefronts. Selling cannabis out of a store front is blatantly selling it and having more than two ounces on one’s person. These storefronts are not Initiative 71 compliant and continue to be the focus of raids. I challenge one to compare the quality of strains on site versus the delivery services. 

A 4:20 “Do” is to stock up on one’s favorite strains as much as you can while the strain is around. With the fires in California and the west coast, to supply chain issues across the country it is best to be prepared on all levels. What is a 4:20 “Don’t” is to call Delivery services looking for $25 quarters as one is used to swag. Realize that the cannabis industry deals with top flight quality strains as the norm and wanting Reggie Bush and the cheapest quality is not what delivery services are about in Washington, DC.

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