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How To Get Weed In DC, The Quick and Easy Way.

How to get weed in DC? When coming to the nation’s capital in search of the best herbal remedies. There’s a few things you need to know. Decriminalization? No. Legalization? No. Illegal? No.

When navigating the established marijuana scene in the district clarification of the law is mandatory. On D.C.’s road to full legalization the city by an overwhelming majority voted in Initiative 71 which allows for up to two ounces of marijuana possession without prosecution. It also leaves room for “exchanging” between adults over 21. D.C.’s goal is to prove to their purse string holding congressional overlords that they can handle legalization. That day has yet to come.

  OK, now that we’re familiar with what we can and can’t do.

How to get weed in DC

 Time to get in to how to get weed in DC. Let’s search the scene and see what we’re actually looking at. Unlike California or Colorado the ability to have your marijuana tracked from farm to table doesn’t exist here. When in search for the best in the market a few options are available. Pop-ups, storefronts,  and delivery/pick-up  services rule in the capital city. Due to Initiative 71 finding marijuana isn’t some clandestine ordeal where you have to know a “guy” or something. The internet,  with the choice of a few special keywords,  will avail you to a wide variety of options. Along with social media there are ” vendors” at your fingertips.

how to get weed in dc

Let’s dive in feet first.

On our mission on how to get weed in DC we start with the convoluted world of the Pop-Up. The Pop-Up essentially is an appearingly some what spontaneous event taking place at a temporary location. The romance of the Pop-Up can’t be denied. We were invited by a “vendor ” we found on social media. We had to be invited only after we were deemed cool.
Still wondering how to get weed in DC? Pop-ups can take place anywhere from a family home, an old store, or an industrial park. Who knows. We visited pop-ups in the back of a bakery, someone’s basement, and what appeared to be a loading dock. The simple set-up usually includes some space where “vendors” can display their goods on a card table of some sorts. The “vendors” pay a small fee for the table. The most generous word we could use to describe the quality of marijuana we found at the pop-up is transient. The vibe tends to come off more flea market than fine dining. You’ll meet some great characters and fellow enthusiasts but as far as the bud goes, transient at best.


  If you’re still wondering how to get weed in dc. A newer phenomena in the District’s scene is the storefront. They’re aren’t too many storefronts now but im sure that’ll change. Most storefronts are clean establishments with security to greet you at the door with a rigorous search before you enter the actual store. Once you enter the store that’s when it takes a turn downhill.  Due to Initiative 71 the storefronts don’t display any of the goods but hand you a list of what they have. You pay first and can’t see the bud until you’re leaving. The variety and quality is barely better than the pop-up but convenience has it’s rewards. Though limited in number storefronts are a safe alternative with slightly better bud than the pop-up.

   Typically the best we’ve found in the district resides in the delivery/pick-up scene.

These “vendors” tend to have been around the longest and that’s no accident. They’re mostly found online or on sites where they’re cleared and reviewed constantly keeping them on their toes. Larger varieties of strains is a tale tell of a great “vendor”. Prices may tend to be a little higher than the pop-up and storefront but it’s worth it. Updated menus and online ordering makes the experience a cut above. The top shelf ” vendors” also have a pick-up option where you can pick from the menu yourself,  our favorite. You can shop, it’s convenient, and the quality is the best. Delivery/ Pick-up  is definitely our tops… so far.

  It may not be California or Colorado  but with over four years of Initiative 71 rule the District’s marijuana scenes is one of the better ones in the country for convenience,  variety, and quality.

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