Best Wasy To Have Marijuana In Your Coffee

In a commonly repeated legend, Kaldi, a 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd, first observed the coffee plant after seeing his flock energized by chewing on the plant. Most agree coffee drinking the middle of the 15th century in the accounts of Ahmed al-Ghaffar in Yemen. It first appeared in Italy around 1600 (thank you again Italy for something wonderful) and then spread to Europe and the rest is history.

Coffee is an integral part of daytime activity for billions, 30-40% of the world’s population consume coffee every day. First prepared in samovars across Semitic countries before dominating Southern Europe via Italy and France, it’s part of the story of global exchange. Now we know that cannabis was too. Combining it with caffeine is done to increase euphoric feelings and hopefully work output as well.

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People have their coffee in a myriad of ways, but spiked with cannabis is one of the all-time greatest hits of psychoactive experimentation. Some people use the combination of cannabis and coffee to kick off mornings pain free, others use for a laser sharp focus. No matter your reason for this pairing, it’s a satisfying way to get your dose of both substances.

1.Non-Dairy Creamer

If you are a routine follower, you probably already know exactly how much creamer you need on a weekly basis. Simply adding a glycerin tincture to that coconut or almond milk creamer will enhance the flavor and be safe on the fridge shelf for the duration. Measure if you’re a perfectionist, eyeball if you’re more chill.

2. Bulletproof Canna-style Coffee

This much-touted ‘brainhack’ includes a dose of either butter or coconut oil in your morning cup. Those are two things you’re likely to have around if you cook with cannabis even occasionally.

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You may need to use some type of blender to get the consistency right, but people go crazy for it as-is. Imagine how good it is with some THC!

3. Cannabis Whipped Cream 

We squirted this on everything from hot cocoa to golden milk*, but having a canister of Canna-Whip in the fridge leaves you likely to add a swirl to your coffee. Each squirt is a pretty low dose, so you wind up with just the right amount per cup.

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That’s a bit of a feat for many, until overindulging in edible cannabis finally gets the analysis it needs to keep everyone high and healthy. Something this chill will be a nice boost but also incredibly delicious and gourmet feeling.

4. Cannabis Cold Brew Ice Cubes 

Check out my recipe for Cannabis Cold Brew for up to a week’s worth of generous and strong pours of glorious pre-iced coffee. Making cold brew is so easy that it qualifies as hipster meal prep. Put the last cup into an ice cube tray for simple microdosing your virgin coffee.

Original art from Danielle Guercio

5. Hash Honey

Have you actually had coffee with honey? It’s amazing. Mix .25g of decarboxylated hash with 1 cup of gently warmed honey for 4mg THC per teaspoon of honey that you can add to anything.

6. Chocolate Melt

Got weed chocolates? Put one in the bottom of a mug before you pour over your hot coffee. You don’t need to add cream or sugar to have a tasty treat, simply stir and enjoy.

7. Boozy Coffee

Alcohol based weed tinctures are usually very strong tasting and therefore aren’t always pleasant to consume. Add yours to a 1oz pour of rum and make some pirate coffee. It’s actually a halfway decent hangover cure!

Now you can always use the entourage effect with the extra points you get from coffee’s beloved stimulant, caffeine. There’s not much better than coffee and spliff, even if it’s a 2-in-

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