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Berry White Strain Review

“Aww you just keep…aww you just keep… telling me this, and telling me that you say once I’m with you I’ll never go back”. Barry White is before my time so his Practice What You Preach” is what I really know him by. That came out when I was in middle school. I can say off the strain Berry White you won’t go back. You won’t physically be able to move. This is a potent indica.

Berry White is the product of crossing Blueberry and White Widow, two classic indicas known for their amazing taste and put you on your ass effects. Surprisingly, these two strains combine to provide some initial sativa effects. A rush of euphoria and elevation allows for focus and a cerebral effect that is not heavy or overwhelming. However, the cerebral effects gradually yield to the powerful body effects.

Berry White ranges in THC levels from low to mid 20%. As the cerebral effects dissipate the body relaxing effects began to take over. Euphoria and happiness are maintained while you just decide its time to whined down a little. A couch-lock will ensue however you will have the strength to break its gravitational pull. This is a good evening strain for relaxation and relief from pain. Appreciate the variety I get to choose from over at Select Co-op!