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Banana Strain Review

We got Banana-fanna-fo fanna…fee-fi mo mana…Banana! This joint taste like…um Banana! It straight up taste like the banana frost drinks I made from the packs in elementary school, I use to destroy those. This smoke instantly hits you with the sweetness of bananas then offers a little treat of tropical blends on the exhale. Thanks again Select!

The effects are euphoria and almost downright giddiness. You see I’m singing the name song. Joyous energy and a crisp cerebral effect come on almost instantly. However, this is a true indica. Use this in the evening for relaxing and preparing to wind down as this strain will wind you down eventually. The body relaxation slowly builds and guides you to want to enjoy the tranquilizing effects.

Banana nuggets are strikingly yellow, almost golden in hue contrasted with dark green against amber radiant hairs. The yellowish-gold hairs give the trichomes an almost glowing effect. Even breaking apart the nuggets scents of bananas and tropical spice teases the nostrils. Enjoy Banana as an evening dessert or nightcap.