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Banana Split Strain Review

The fruiter and cuter the name is of the strain the more I assume the shit is not for me. In my experience the fruity sweet smelling and tasting stuff leaves you munching for sweet smelling and tasting stuff… As well as I am not an indica fan. I lean towards energy and functionality and indicas do not give me either!

Banana Split Art

So when I heard Banana Split… Although, I enjoyed making them as a child I still was hesitant… but wait. This is said to be 60/40 sativa leaning. The THC levels on this decadent dessert can get up to 25% while offering 1% CBD level as well. This is a hybrid. While my mind was elated floating off some cerebral sativa energy the body was like… “I’m good”. We can just do whatever today, no rush!

Banana Split is the crossing of Tangie and Banana Sherbert. See, for me that’s too much fruity shit off break and I would assume indica, sleepy time, and munchies. Banana Split did not activate munchies, or sleepy time. If you don’t plan on working out or being highly active this is a chill daytime strain as well. The smoke tastes of cream and richness. I don’t taste bananas, but rather a fruit bowl of tropical and berry flavors.  

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