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Banana Punch Strain Review

Don’t let names deceive you. Banana Punch sounds like banana juice to me and I don’t like bananas like that! Can we call this Tropical Punch? A product of crossing Banana OG and Purple Punch this is a fruit smoothie of indica delight-fullness.  

This is an indica fo sho! Purple Punch dominates the effects of this strain. I ain’t never sipped on no syrup, but I suspect this balance of elation and eventual slow-motion may be similar. THC levels have been reported to high teens to low twenty percents verifying its potent elements. Euphoria followed by a wonderful feeling of couch-lock and sleep is how this strain flows! You need pain relief, muscle relaxation, and a companion to do nathan…here you go!

Opening the container scents of grapes, blueberry muffins, pineapples, mangos, tropical fruit punch, and peaches smack you in the face. Yeah, you smell all of that. The buds are a warning of what is to come. Dense, lime green, thick buds swirled with dark purples and rich orange hues sparkle with trichomes of the utmost beauty. Its lovely dammit! I’m tearing up.  Enjoy y’all. Enjoy!

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