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Banana Kush Strain Review

I have over trained lately. Well, to be accurate there is no such thing as over training. I have not been consistent with stretching and my rest for the past few weeks and numerous of my previous injuries are reminding me to balance my training. I asked Select to recommend me a powerful night time relief.  

OG Kush

Entering is the fantastic Banana Kush strain. First the taste is off the charts. This strain tastes of tropical fruits, bananas, and a smoothing herbal undertone of herbs and spices. This strain is said to be indica dominant by a ratio of 60/40. I say it is a ration of 200/0.  

The strain gives a blissful energy and gives creative thoughts at its first toke, but be prepared to sleep very soon. If you take this during the day you will be the Walking Dead, if walking at all. Banana Kush is the product of crossing OG Kush and Skunk Haze. The result is a beast of a strain offering up to 25% THC levels and 1% CBN and .1% CBD. Enjoy your nightcap!

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