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Jun 22, 2021
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Astroworld Strain Review

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I am breaking out my dancehall DJ voice… “Ring the alarm another strain is growing… Ring the alarm a new strain we smoking like Wooaah”! Select not only has been coming with the top shelf sativas of late, but also coming with new fire. Let’s checkout Astroworld, my people.


I was on sativa overload and needed some evening wind down energy after active days. I have felt energized as of late to double up workouts with morning walks, jump roping, and some kayak or paddle boarding. I have been sore and pressing my lady to beat me up all over with the massage gun. Enter the need for Astroworld.

Astroworld is an 80% dominant indica strain. This strain can get up to 28% THC levels with 1% CBD therapeutic effects. This is a powerful bud and not for novice use, or day use unless you need to sleep. The first hit you get a delicious flavor of sweet vanilla, piney earth tones, and a nutty as well as fruity undertone. The mind is eased of thoughts and a hazy body engulfing relaxing effect begins to overtake you before you fade into a blissful couch-locking haze.  

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