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Astroworld Strain Review

I am breaking out my DJ Clue metal echo voice, kinda. “New strain, new strain”. Astroworld is back on deck with Select Co-op. I say kinda new as this strain was around a couple months ago. However, it was new then and still rare around any circles. So let’s get into this kinda new strain.


Astroworld is named for its ability to transport your mind and body into a different dimension. It can transport you to a universe with a higher gravity force that glues you to the couch. Is that how it got its name? Probably not, but the description is accurate. This is a strong put you on your ass indica.  


Astroworld can get up to 28% THC levels. This strain also offers 1% CBD benefits as well. This is evening wind down medicine unless you want to be couch locked early in the day. Enjoy the sweet taste of spicy yet fruity earthy flavors with a hint of nutty sugariness. Enjoy the taste until you wind down into blissful rest; and enjoy while Select has it.

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