Astro-Cannabis: Astrological Toking Part II

"We wind down this episode of speaking of astrological toking to the fire energy of King Leo the lion. As a fire sign it is said that Leos can be dramatic."

We are back for part II of our astrological guide to choosing your cannabis strains. Our disclaimer we ain’t taking this shit that seriously. We are aware of rising signs, moons signs, and the layers of analysis that go into an accurate astrological analysis. So don’t get your Mercury all in retrograde, get out your feelings and just have fun with this! Let’s check out the next four signs of the zodiac.

We left off with speaking of the fiery nature of Aries. Now let’s look at your grounded practical and stubborn Taurus signs. As an Earth sign Taurus are said to be creative and enjoy crafting, cooking, music, and working with your hands in general. I recommend a blast of Cereal Milk for you. This sativa blend of Cookies, Cherry Pie, and Snowman will have you craving more of the creamy decadent taste while you are primed and energized to address any task at hand.

Cereal Milk
Cereal Milk

Let’s look at the duality of Gemini. Folks call y’all crazy, but it is simply you all’s ability as an air sign to be quickly adaptable and communicate exactly what you mean. The schizo stereotype comes from the tendency for Gemini to be overwhelmed or become anxious. We have some Snow Montana for you folks. Holla at Select Co-op and enjoy this rare indica dominant hybrid. This strain tastes of sweet diesel tropical fruits while focusing the mind as the body is in a relaxed functional state. Snow Montana may take the edge of some of you Gemini stressers.

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Snow Montana

Let’s look at the crabby nature of Cancers. Cancers are said to be intuitive and overly emotional. Many are empaths that get pulled in emotional directions by their family and friends. For this water sign I recommend a strong sativa to keep you upbeat and uplifted regardless of the situation. Grab some Guava to enjoy the day. Wake and Bake with this strain and soar through the day with a rush of euphoric cerebral energy and a physical boost that fuels any activity.

We wind down this episode of speaking of astrological toking to the fire energy of King Leo the lion. As a fire sign it is said that Leos can be dramatic, fiery, and even a little self-possessed. Folks may say y’all just need to chill. If that is the case then have a little Grapefruit please. Grapefruit will elevate your mood with a blast of elation while the body is slightly relaxed.

Remember our disclaimer. We ain’t say we were professionals like Ms. Cleo or Dionne Warwick. However, let us know if we got your sign right and if the strain recommendations are scientific. Enjoy your 420 activities and be safe people!