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Area 41 Strain Review

We all know of the secret Air Force Base where the government is hiding alien contact and technology. Area 41 is well documented! Wait… That is Area 51. What is Area 41? Well, besides a pizza company in Mount Laurel Alabama it is also…

Lemon Fuel

A “new strain, new strain” in my DJ Clue metal echo voice. Well, it is kind of a new strain in that it is very rare and was created last year. Area 41 is the product of crossing Lemon Fuel OG and Gelato 41. The effect is amazing as well as the taste.

Gelato 45

Area 41 tastes of sweet lemons, gassy diesel, creamy sugary candy, and tropical fruits. This strain will have you licking your lips to enjoy the taste. The physical effect is a blast of energy to get up, work out, create, and be active. This is a sativa lover’s wake and bake go to for sure!

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