Are all Diamonds THCA Crystalline… Are all THCS Crystalline Diamonds?

"This is the most powerful question pressing mankind since "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" What is the difference between diamonds and crystalline"

This is the most powerful question pressing mankind since…”what came first, the chicken or the egg?” What is the difference between diamonds and crystalline? I’m figuring it out still… Although a diamond is said to last forever, not if it’s good shit from Select Co-Op. A diamond is quickly dissipated from use!

Crystalline ART1

Weedmaps Dictionary defines Diamonds as crystalline structures, primarily of THCA, that are developed into sauce extracts or individually isolated. One may indicate “this sauce is loaded with diamonds“. What does that mean?

Well sauce is an extract that has a non-0uniform structure. Simply put it has no shape or form so it’s basically cannabis goo. Sauce can be as thin as juice or as thick as marmalade. Some sauce will have chunks of diamonds floating in the syrup. This indicates elements of THCA chunks in the sauce. Similar to chunky peanut or sunflower seed butter… An extra treat in the sauce.

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But exactly what are the diamonds? Well the term has a few meanings I am learning. Sometimes Diamonds refers to THCA Crystalline or THC Crystalline developed in a terpene rich solution. While some refer to pure THCA crystalline as diamonds some refer to the chunks in terpene sauce. Weedmaps reminds us “Remember, these diamonds may be inaccurately referred to as pure THC, but in reality, they come in the pure THCA form…”


Diamonds range in size and shape. Neither of which reflect the quality of the product. Size and shape is influenced by the temperature, moisture present, as well as chemical impurities involved in the extraction process.

In conclusion I am only slightly more clear on the difference between THCA Crystalline and Diamonds. I am confident to say all Diamonds are THCA Crystalline. However, if a “closed-loop system is utilized to create Diamonds they are not THCA Crystalline, but will form crystalline structures. The only thing I will say for sure is we are dealing with semantics and not scientific terminology. Grab both from Select Co-op and see if you can tell the difference!