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Arabian Gold Strain Review

"Arabian Gold tastes of dank. It is a harsh flavor on the throat tasting of earth spiciness. This strain can get up to 11% THC levels and 1% CBD effect."

Arabian Gold makes me think of the visually amazing Indiana Jones movies I watched as a child. I never thought about him and his pops as grave robbing colonists. Nor, did I realize the bigoted depictions of various cultures. Anyway, what is this Arabian Gold about?


I should have asked more questions from my folks at Select Co-Op. This strain is ok. I prefer a good sativa or if I want a relaxing strain something powerful for the evening. Arabian Gold is like THC light in its effect. Like smoking a “light” weed to intentionally not get “too high”. It gave me a nice buzz and then shifted into relaxation with slight hunger, but neither wing was pronounced. The effect was more of a mood enhancing dynamic.

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Arabian Gold tastes of dank. It is simply a harsh flavor on the throat tasting of earth spiciness. This strain can get up to 11% THC levels and offers 1% CBD effect.  

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