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Apricot Gelato Strain Review

Thank you Select Co-op for this amazing strain Apricot Gelato. I do not know how you have all these amazing strains and provide rebates. You truly are “gifting” cannabis. It seems like you all are on a mission to provide me with all of the Gelato variants… but hey! I ain’t complaining keep them coming! Here’s to another great article about another strain today!

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Apricot Gelato, aka, Glazed Apricot Gelato is an indica leaning hybrid and this strain is said to be 70% indica dominant. This strain infuses the mind with instant euphoria and giddiness that is long-lasting. You will feel a warm relaxation sensation that is quite functional but yet so soothing at the same time as well. Which is why I would recommend this as an afternoon/evening strain compared to a morning strain.

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This strain tastes of candied apricots mixed with sour lemons. The smoke will have you licking your lips enjoying the taste. This strain is the product of crossing Gelato and Legend Orange Apricot strains. This flower may even produce up to 26% THC levels! Once again thanks to Select Co-op for having this strain on deck and I’m looking forward to enjoying more of this strain!

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