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Apples And Bananas Strain Review

Apples And Bananas

I like to ate, ate ate ate; I like to ate ape-les and bae-nae-naes… I like to eat, eat eat eat; I like to eat eeppples and beeneenees. Yes, this strain will have you giggling on silly shit like this.


Let’s check out Apples and Bananas. Well it’s lineage is enough to make you sit up and pay attention. Take Platinum Cookies, Grandaddy Purp, and some Blue Power, and cross that with some Gelatti and you get Apples and Bananas. Ummm, the strain tastes like apples and bananas. That is no mystery so what does it do…

Apples And Bananas Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

Excuse me as I sound alarms… New strain, new strain. I forgot to brush off the DJ Clue metal voice. Apples and Bananas may fool you into thinking it is an indica. With the sweet berry tastes it is tricky. However, this hybrid will have you active, energized, and is a great wake and bake strain.