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Feb 5, 2021
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Animal Mints VS Jack Herer

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“As with many great sativa strains, Jack Herer provides a balanced head and body high that relaxes the user but still allows the smoker to be productive.”


As weeks passed and once again smokers were blessed with another classic matchup as Animal Mints moved on to the next round after a blazing matchup against Jack Herer. Similar to 4G, Animal Mints possesses a genetic makeup reserved for royalty. By crossing Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Power, and Animal Cookies a great hybrid strain was birthed. Like most Indica dominant strains, Animal Cookies brings about a heavy body and head high and is best reserved for late nights when being productive is no longer needed. Smokers with memories of Grandma baking cookies on the weekend will enjoy the pleasant smell of Animal Cookies. The raw aroma from the buds can be compared to cookie dough with a hint of mint and vanilla. With THC levels often testing up to 30%, smokers should be cautious when consuming large amounts of Animal Mints as many who have ignored the warning have found themselves suspended in motion on a path to sedation while on the infamous couch. Animal Mints is often used in the medicinal community to relieve symptoms of chronic pain, cramps, depression, and stress.

Animal Mints

As far as Jack Herer, the sativa dominant hybrid strain is an OG of the industry and has been around since the mid 80’s. Like many stars of that time period Jack Herer planted seeds all across the industry with off springs Jack Skellington, Jack Cleaner and the most famous of them all, Jack the Ripper. As with many great sativa strains, Jack Herer provides a balanced head and body high that relaxes the user but still allows the smoker to be productive. This award winning stain possesses a fresh aroma of lemon with a splash of orange. As the buds tumble in the grinder the citrus aroma intensifies and tricks the brain into thinking you are handling a piece of fruit. As the blunt gets shorter, a jolt of energy quickly kicks in and a sense of extreme relaxation takes over. While other strains may bring on a bout of disorientation, the effects of Jack Herer provide a laser focus and creativity best suited for brain storming or holding the crown during social events.  

Jack Herer

After moving on to the next round Animal Mints will face off against the winner of Lava Fuel and Strawberry Amnesia Haze. Lava Fuel, AKA G6 is a hard hitting strain that stays true to the diesel family. With THC levels in the 20’s, Lava Fuel is a great cypher strain as a few hits go a long way. Strawberry Amnesia being one of the well-known hybrid strains was created to dominant the sativa world and provides a great head high highlighted by its ability to get the brain juices flowing.  

As always join us next week as we advance one step closer in the March to Madness Tournament.

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