An Opportunity (But First An Edible)

By High Art

I’ve been going live a lot over the last several weeks and it’s finally paying off. A social media famous model logged into my most recent live Paint and Smoke. She DM’ed me right after to let me know that she liked my work and wanted to know my rate to attend an event she’s throwing for a fundraiser she’s doing. She’s doing a virtual party with different segments, and she wants me to do an art class.

but art first

I don’t pass up opportunities to get in front of more eyes so I said yes. I told her I’d be willing to come by for roughly what I charge for a single piece of commissioned work, plus the cost of gas since she’s one state over. Now I just have to think about what I want to teach. Teaching is a challenge because there’s no way to transfer your passion to students. It’s just social media so I need to make it accessible to everyone.

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I put on some old overalls and a paint splattered top, lay down some canvas and…. Nothing. Think think think. I lay on the couch for a while, have a snack and a glass of wine. Try again. Nothing. I watch a few episodes of Bob’s Burgers. Nothing.

I suddenly recall a left-over gummy in my purse from another night. I rustle past a jungle of receipts, gum, tampons and… Jackpot.

I pop the gummy edible and wait. After a while the inspiration hits. I put down the paint brush, pick up a pen and pad, and begin to write.