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Amnesia Haze Strain Review

As long as Select has this here I shall be grabbing it! Sativa lovers, be thankful I am sharing this with y’all. What are we talking about though? I had a slight case of amnesia!

The Amnesia Haze strain is the product of crossing a Jamaican sativa, Laotian Sativa, and the indica dominant Afghan Hawaiian. The result is a supreme sativa with some valuable relaxing and therapeutic elements. This strain is said to be 80% sativa dominant.

Amnesia Haze may get up to 22% THC levels just in case you forget how potent it is. This strain may offer up to 1% CBD effects. The mental effects are an elating and almost psychedelic energy that is calming while invigorating at the same time. This strain tastes of sweet peppery and spicy berries and sugary fruits.

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