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Alien Gorilla Strain Review

This is a cool ass name for a strain. It is simply combining the name of its parent strains but it is still Kool! Let me break out my DJ Clue monotone echo voice. “New strain, new strain”!  

Alien Gorilla

Alien Gorilla is the result of crossing Zkittzy Gorilla and Alien Technology. If you get a hold of this enjoy looking at the hues of purple, orange, white, and lime green swirling around glittering trichomes. Alien Gorilla is an indica dominant strain that can get up to 25% THC levels.  

Alien Gorilla tastes of piney, lemony, citrus, sugary skunkness. While this is an indica the effect is balanced in uplifting mental energy and relaxing pain relieving body engulfing energy. I would enjoy it in the late afternoon or evening.  

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