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Alien Cookies Strain Review

Alien Cookies Often times I am suspect when something is considered a hybrid. I assume it will have too many indica elements for my tastes/needs! Lately, I would say Charlie Murphy would have something to say about that… “WRONG”! Let’s check out Alien Cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies

Alien Cookies is a 50/5o hybrid. Great recommendation by my folks at Select Co-op. While it is a 50/50 hybrid you get the best of boast worlds. The sativa elements hit with instant elation, glee, and a focused effect on the mind. This lasts for some time. However, that is if you can take the building indica strong relaxing side that will put one down or couch lock one not accustomed to the effects.  

Alien Dawg

Alien Cookies can get up to 21% THC levels. This strain is the product of crossing Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies. The flavor result is a balance of vanilla, nutty, and sweet creamy elements along with spicy pungent dankness. This Alien Cookies strain can be potent for novices so use with caution folks!  

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