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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Review

You can’t judge a book by it cover…but a name tells you something about it’s owner…so Alaskan Thunder Fuck. We do not have a cluster fuck, no running a muck, just an awesome strain that will fuck you up! This strain is said to have originated in Matanuska Valley, Alaska of unknown origins. Alaskan Thunder Fuck is commonly referred to as ATF.

First when you open the bag the smell will hit your nose and you are sitting there like what the fuck does this smells like. I have solved the mystery. It smells like the kisses on the cheek you got from you older aunt (not mom’s sister but grandma’s sister). If you had an aunt back in the 80’s that still wore old style make-up with almost bright red rouge on the cheeks, red lipstick, and a face full of gaudy make-up. Well, that was one of my aunts and ATF smells like her horrible make-up. That shit might have been made from whale blubber, lead, and petroleum…whatever it was made from ATF smells like old makeup, skunk, and maybe some ammonia. Grab a bag and you will see why I have tried to paint a picture of the unusual aroma’s.

ATF is said to be sativa dominant and it most definitely is. Described as about 70/30 sativa I experienced an almost complete sativa effect. ATF provides an instant rush that focuses the mind with creative and dynamic energy. This is an excellent strain for any-time of the day, while the smell is uniquely funky the taste is uniquely enjoyable. A blend of tropical flavors fill the palette on inhale then on exhale diesel like spice takes over and stays with the taste buds. This strain averages about 20% THC level and not only gives a cerebral high, but provides relief from chronic pain and inflammation. If you see ATF around grab it immediately. My man at Select was so right to steer me to this strain.

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