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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Review

If you scared then just say you scared. This sounds like some put you on your ass Rip Van Winkle type of indica. I think I aged a year and didn’t know it falling asleep on some strong Purp once… However Alaskan Thunder Fuck is actually a sativa dominate awesome experience.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck ATF ART

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, aka ATF, aka Matanuska Thunder Fuck, aka Mantanuska Tundra… I am loving the name game on this strain… this strain is said to be a cross of some Cali sativa, an Afhghani strain, and a RUDERALIS…What the fuck is ruderalis? Glad you asked cuz I have no clue either. According to Wikipedia, “a ruderal species refers to any plant that is the first to colonize land after a disturbance removing competition”. In the case of cannabis a ruderalis are species that evolved in colder climates devoid of cultivation. All that is to let you know ATF is a fucking awesome strain.

This is a potent sativa strain. The sativa to indica ratio is said to be 80/20 heavily leaning towards sativa. THC levels have been reported around 25%. This was a two hit and forget toke last night. I hit it, tasted the diesel like sourness mixed with some pine and sweet floral essence, started getting into this Netflix documentary about traditional Indian wrestling and forgot it was there. I hit it a couple more times and put it down. An hour later I thought the jay was gone. I looked down into the ashtray and I got like 80% of the jay left. Kool cuz its 80% sativa. Get this shit! Great recommendation from my dude at Select Co-op.

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