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AK 49 Strain Review

I heavily gravitate towards sativa strains. If a strain is said to be below 70% sativa I usually avoid it. It is rare a “balanced” hybrid offers any balance to me. I usually just get an indica effect that is not that heavy. This is not the case with AK-49 strain.

I tried to make a sports analogy to it like Anrdrei Kirilenko was nicknamed AK-47 because he wore number 47… Awesome nickname. I tried in basketball and football to pair up the initials AK with a number 49, someone that plays for the 49ers with the initials AK, someone that is 4 foot 9 inches… Which is like nothing! What I did find is that this is a mentally invigorating hybrid that offers the best of both worlds.  

colombia Gold

AK-49 offers a cerebral effect that allows the mind to soar with elation, giddiness, and enjoyment of the moment. Bad vibes be gone with AK-49! The cerebral effect is long-lasting. Gradually a body relaxing develops that is light and functional. This strain will have you feeling good and slightly relaxed. For me this is great for the evening or mid-day if working on the computer has my mood down and I need a pick-me mentally without needing to be physically active.

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Afghan Sour

AK-49 is the product of crossing Colombian with Mexican and Afghani strains. These international parents of the United Nations unite for a unique combination. AK-49 tastes of fruity skunk flavor with hints of piney sour elements. This strain can get up to 30% THC levels.