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Agent Orange Strain Review

Agent Orange

Spicy! This strain has a kick to it. It hits with an orange taste but with a kick reminding me of like Grand Mariner’s orange spicy flavor. With Orange Skunk and Space Queen in the lineage its clear how the unique taste and sativa traits arise. On this strain, like Talib Kweli said you are gonna “treat (life) the cable guy and get er done”! This is a get up and do stuff strain.  When it was warm this weekend we enjoyed a walk and then a drive down the GW Parkway with the sunroof down enjoying Christian Scott on the trumpet.

The taste of Agent Orange is nice but not the seller to me. This sativa is powerful! Cleaning the house, working out, knocking out a to-do-list, gaming, dancing, whatever you get into enjoy my friend! One disclaimer, if you stay in the house be mindful of devouring everything in arms and/or eyes reach without even realizing it. Serious munchies caution if not paying attention to how many times you have dipped something in hummus.

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