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Afghani Strain Review

I have heard of this legendary strain. So many strains have this famed classic in its lineage. So now that Select Co-op delivery dispensary finally has it on deck I had to try it!

Afghani, aka Afghani Kush, is said to be damn near a 100% indica. OK, actually 95/5 ratio. This strain is a landrace from the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan. For its reputation I was surprised it only gets up to 20% THC levels.

Afghani did what I thought it would do. In my Dennis Green voice “they are who I thought they are”… I hit it late in the evening and was blessed with deep relaxation and an elevated mood. Slowly the body descended into a heavier relaxation and then sleep. This strain tastes of Kush, a pungent spicy earth flavor.  

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