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May 26, 2020
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Add Magic To Your Bong Experience

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Add Magic To Your Bong Experience

A bong is one of the best ways to consume marijuana. It cools the smoke through the liquid that’s inside of it every time that you take a hit. The result is a smoking experience that’s smoother, and less harsh. Most people fill their bongs with water, but water isn’t the only liquid that can be used in a bong. Tons of alternative liquids can enhance your smoking experience. Before you go crazy trying different liquids, remember all liquids are not good for smoking. Some can ruin your bong, or even leach the THC from your smoke, delivering you a sub-par high. Don’t despair we’ve done the legwork. Here are our favorite things to fill our bongs with for enhanced smoking pleasure.

1. Hot Tea:

Hot tea can add to the smoothness of your smoking experience, making each hit smoother and longer. Most people have tried smoking warm water from your bong and enjoyed the enhanced smoothness it gives each hit. The addition of flavored tea – especially mint, lemon, orange, peach, or mango, lifts the bong smoking experience out the stratosphere. While the flavored tea won’t add to the taste of your hit, it will add to the aroma, which is a big part of the smoking experience. Caution, not all bongs are created equal so only do this with a high- quality glass bong that can withstand heated water. Don’t do this with an acrylic bong, unless you like to inhale plastic fumes while you smoke. Also, avoid sweetened tea, as the sugar can ruin your bong and be hard to clean.

2. Iced Tea:

For those who don’t like things hot, and are dead set on a cool water bong experience. As with hot tea flavored iced tea can similarly enhance your bong smoking experience. Any iced tea will add a surprisingly pleasant jolt to your palate.

3. Flavored Sparkling Water:

Admit it, who doesn’t like a good “Le Croix,” refreshing and not sweet these choice beverages allow you to up your daily water intake, and add a bit of flavor. In a bong, sparkling water provides the same refreshing feeling. A popular choice is a mango flavored sparkling water, probably because mango is believed to enhance your cannabis high, and it’s quite delicious. Also, sparkling water can add a zesty effervescence to your smoking experience.

4. Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry Juice add a subtle fruity flavor to your smoking experience. If you have particularly discerning taste buds you will be able to pick up on the distinct flavors. An added bonus the acidity in the cranberry juice can help to clean your bong. For all you lazy bong smokers, this is one extra motivation. It will make your job easier the next day, so think of it as a self-cleaning smoking medium.

5. Mouthwash:

At first mouthwash may seem like a surprising choice as a smoking medium. After all, no one is doing a breath check on your bong and giving it a pass-fail for its minty-freshness. Hear me out though, many cigarette smokers prefer menthols, and utilizing mouthwash in your bong, especially the blue ones produces a mentholated-like smoking experience. Minty-fresh, and cooling, at the same time. Note-worthy check your mouthwash ingredients, avoid smoking with those that contain alcohol.

6. Wine:

Weed smoke pulled through wine creates a very interesting flavor combination. There’s sweetness without cloying, and some wines are well-suited to weed’s herbaceous notes. In my experience, it’s best to use a sweet full-bodied red wine. Wine is definitely a better alcoholic bong liquid choice than spirits. It generally has a low alcohol count by volume so you don’t have to worry that it will leech your THC from your cannabis and degrade your high. Also, inhaling alcohol fumes is toxic.

7. Orange or Lemon Peels:

Get fancy and throw some citrus peels into your bong water. Trust me, it’s delightful. Your smoke will have a pleasant citrus taste, and if your smoking Lemon Tree, the terpenes will be further enhanced. Also, the acidity in the citrus will help keep your bong clean, making the inevitable cleaning day, lighter work.

Don’t Drink The Liquid From The Bong:

While the normal brown water leftover in a bong after smoking is decidedly unappetizing, after smoking a few bowls in tea, wine, flavored sparkling water, or juice, you might be tempted to take a swig of the liquid inside your bong. Do yourself a favor, and don’t. The liquid inside your bong will not only taste decidedly foul, but it’s also full of the toxins that you just filtered out of your smoking experience. Bongs offer a smooth hit because nasty substances get stuck in the water as the rest of the smoke passes through. Drinking bong water defeats the purpose of using a bong, and it won’t be good for you. If you want a little more THC after a bong hit, just load up the bowl again or roll a joint.

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