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Acid Dough Strain Review

This is a name for the mind to never forget as soon as I heard Acid Dough I knew I was going to try it like I had to! I was glad to hear it is a sativa but honestly I was going to get it anyway regardless. Thanks to Select Co-op for having all these fire strains right now… well they always do…. but lets not state the obvious now. Lets get into this strain review!

Acid Dough Strain

Acid Dough strain is a sativa dominant strain. Acid Dough is the creation of combining Lilly and OG Badazz. The result is a bad-ass strain that is 80% sativa dominant. Acid Dough induces a happy, creative, energetic, talkative, and relaxed feeling. 

This strain may top out at 18% THC levels. This strain is meant for social time Acid Dough will have you talkative, giddy, and in a blissful state of functional relaxation. Acid Dough is often chosen to treat conditions such as cramps, Bipolar Disorder, headaches, lack of appetite, and nausea. This strain tastes of tropic fruity elements with hints of diesel and piney flavors. Acid Dough has a super sweet but yet sour tropical candy type of flavor with harsh hits as you exhale.

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