Sativa Smoker

About HDIGW? You may have heard or seen a text with the letter HDIGW and wondered what was the meaning of that about right?. Here is it. HDIGW is how do i get weed? Some people may ask.. How can i buy weed? Well, here in Washington, DC buying marijuana is legal as long as you follow the laws.

“Years ago a clandestine cadre of cannabis connoisseurs in California tired of inconsistent gifts and even worse delivery guys came together to form HDIGW. We GUARANTEE every gift we bring you we select for our personal use based on its quality and freshness only. We are so confident you will enjoy our selections that we will return any gift that you don’t enjoy. GUARANTEED.”

When navigating the established marijuana scene in the district clarification of the law is mandatory. On D.C.’s road to full legalization the city by an overwhelming majority voted in Initiative 71 which allows for up to two ounces of marijuana possession without prosecution. It also leaves room for “exchanging” between adults over 21. D.C.’s goal is to prove to their purse string holding congressional overlords that they can handle legalization. That day has yet to come.

It may not be California or Colorado but with over four years of Initiative 71 rule the District’s marijuana scenes is one of the better ones in the country for convenience, variety, and quality.