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A Performance Enhancing Drug of Choice, Would You Agree?

As the Olympics are underway the story of Sha’Carri Richardson’s ban from the games is still being discussed. It is ironic, almost comical that after the fact representatives from professional agencies are coming out for “Liberalizing” current bans as the Marijuana Moment reports. Former Olympian Edwin Moses stated that the only way cannabis is a performance enhancing drug is “at a hotdog eating contest at Coney Island”.

That is a clever sound bite and I get the intention of the statement in support of Ms. Richardson. However, let’s look at the stigma of that statement. The statement implies that other than giving you the munchies cannabis has no performance enhancing benefits. Does it?

I know some view hot dog eaters as athletes. That pointless debate aside, cannabis does support performance enhancement. Recovery is a vital part of recovery. Elite athletes in all major sports have revealed the use of cannabis as an alternative to opioids for physical recovery. Sha’carri Richardson is a great example.

One’s mental state is also part of performance. No one should utilize cannabis as their “friend to lean on” with one going through trauma and pain. However, if one has been hit with the shock of traumatizing information and chooses to hit a jay to release the tension building up; that is a choice made to enhance as well as maintain one’s performance. Many athletes, artists, musicians, thinkers, bodybuilders, utilize cannabis sativa to enhance creativity, motivation, and prime their mind to their craft. I see this as an aid to performance enhancement. Just as a balanced nutritious caloric intake is an aid to performance enhancement.

The stigma being reinforced through many jokes and sound bite is that weed could do nothing except “hurt” Sha’ Carri Richardson as a track athlete. While folks may argue that point. I see the simple question of why is cannabis still banned as an illicit drug in any sport?

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