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Sep 11, 2023
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A Funky and Savory Hybrid

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As soon as I popped the seal, I could smell this funk-a-delic strain known as Sour Garlic Bread. My nose picked up plenty of sour notes and a bit of cheesy garlicky terps as well. The smell was musk and lime zest, with a little maltiness on the back end.

The flowers were elegantly dusted in snowy white trichomes amidst dark green buds with sparse indigo-like purples. The bud structure seemed more delicate than many of the dense dome-like buds you come across in today’s genetics, but the effect was just as potent, if not more so. This unique strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cross of GMO and AJ Sour Diesel, and the aroma, flavor, and effect certainly live up to the lineage.

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Source: WestCoastCanna

As I ground up the flowers, I almost felt like I was in a pizzeria, with the herby garlic aromas becoming more and more tangible in my olfactory senses. As I packed a bowl, I also picked up bits of basil, oregano, and white pepper. The flavor of the smoke as I inhaled was sweeter than I expected and had lots of savory notes on the exhale; the taste was reminiscent of thyme, onion, and sage, like one of those pizzas with a slightly too-sweet crust, but the toppings are so good you want more. 

The Sour Garlic Bread began to rise through my body and brought a physically energizing sensation. I also felt a perk up in my mental acuity and demeanor, allowing for greater focus and problem-solving after a bowl or two. The feeling was upbeat, and I had a motivating experience with this strain. The enlivening effect helped me feel centered and invigorated and infused a sense of excitement into the first part of the day. The head and body highs were noticeable within minutes and faded out gently into a relaxed state.

Testing at 32.62% THC, this strain gives a powerful mood and energy lift. This particular cultivar would be complementary to a pre-workout session and endurance-type activities like taking a long bike ride, swimming, or a pilates class. This strain would be great for creative writing or problem-solving tasks without the fogginess or an inevitable crash in motivation. Sour Garlic Bread is a heady sativa strain that everyone should try!

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