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Apr 6, 2021
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A 4/20 DC Walk

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“However, there are dozens of online 4/20 concerts this year. Google your favorite artists and see who you can 4:20 with online on 4/20.”


Come one come all to DC to celebrate 4/20. Although the city still has some restrictive COVID measures in place there are many options to enjoy a 4/20 evening by yourself, with a loved one, or with a crew. Let’s take a 4:20 walk…


On 4/20 you may want to swing by Select Co-op at about 4PM to ensure you are ready to fire up at 4:20PM. I would grab some Lemon Fuel or Starduster #14 flowers to liven the party up… They have crumble, shatter, as well as edibles for you new school 4:20 users. A bowl or bong is as new school as I get; but enjoy your 4:20 on 4/20!

Take a walk around Dupont Circle enjoying a jay along the walk. You could swing by Kramer’s bookstore for a quick bite and pick up The Water Dancer by Ta Nehisi Coates or whatever is on your reading list. You can Uber or Metro over to Busboys and Poets if you want a more of a cultural and communal experience on your 4/20 afternoon. It is probably about 6PM or 6:30PM by now…

420 Walk

If you are athletic and feeling up to it take a ride through the city across the bridge to Anacostia park and back. Surprisingly in around 30 minutes you can get to almost any part of the city with the various trails. Not up to a ride… Uber, drive, or walk downtown to check out the monuments and outdoor Smithsonian attractions. Note: Cannabis is not legal on federal property so be mindful around downtown DC.

As the sun begins to set check out any of the local breweries in the city. Some hops with your flowers will increase the terpenes effect on your cannabis and you get to experience some local brew for DC visitors. There are quite a few around the city so you can choose based on where you will be having your 4/20 festivities.

Lastly, it is time to party. I love and appreciate the energy of live music. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen inside the city limits. However, there are dozens of online 4/20 concerts this year. Google your favorite artists and see who you can 4:20 with online on 4/20. Whatever your plans on 4/20… 4:20 responsibly!

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