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9LB. Hammer Strain Review

By the power of Odin behold the ultimate force. I am not speaking of the indestructibility of Thor’s Hammer. No! Behold a more powerful force. I give you, by the power of Select Co-op, the strength of the 9 LB. Hammer. Behold an 80% indica dominant strain.

9lb. Hammer is an indica dominant strain that is the result of crossing Goo Berry Hells Og and Jack the Ripper Strains. The sound of Hells OG and Jack the Ripper sounds like a force of a 9 lb. Hammer the 90% Goo Berry is just to add more power for good measure. Goodnight Irene, the fat lady has sung you ain’t gotta go home, but you definitely will be comatose like hell out here.

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People, this is medicinal grade stuff here. Use this if you need relief from chronic pain or inflammation. This can definitely be used to deal with insomnia. After a few tokes the euphoric energy of Goo Berry is detectable then prepare for a pleasant trip to couch lock then dream world.

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