8 Show To Binge When You’re Stoned

By Ganja Goddess

Weekends are for binge, and for smoking. Some of the best weekends ever include staying in, ordering a ton of takeout and watching something moody, soothing, or silly while I smoke a J. Below are some go to shows I’ve been watching lately when I imbibe. Enjoy!

8 Shows To Binge When You’re Stoned Art

Bob’s Burgers

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I’m not sure why this show is so underrated. It’s silly and relatable for hormonal teens and cash strapped, dream chasing adults. Watching the Belchers run their restaurant is oddly heartwarming and there are while it’s not purposely trippy, the characters are quirky and there’s enough weirdness (erotic “friend fiction” and a “mad pooper”, just two name a few) to keep me laughing.

The Universe

Space is both beautiful and terrifying, making this show a perfect cannabis companion when you’re in a contemplative mood. This show will take you on a journey throughout the universe from the sun, narrated by scientific experts.

Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I don’t know what it is, but there is something so soothing about watching Marie Kondo rejuvenate people’s homes. In the series version of her book, Kondo visits homes of disorganized clutter bugs and doesn’t let up until their home is full only of things that spark joy. It’s honestly satisfying AF.


Hoarders is the like the much wilder cousin of Marie Kondo. While Kondo’s profilers receive her with relief, because they want help with their problem, Hoarders is full of people who think they don’t have a problem. Tense standoffs take place over mountains of trash, infestations of various vermin cats, rats, possums and snakes, and occasionally dildos. It’s confusing, sad, and sometimes hilarious.

Adventure Time

Finn the Human and his brother Jake the Dog, posses magical powers to change shape and size at will and chase misadventures in the post apocalyptic land of Ooo. It’s bright, trippy, and a weed lover’s staple. It aired for 8 years on Cartoon Network and is back for a series of four hour long specials on HBO MAX.

8 Shows To Binge When You’re Stoned Art1

Close Enough

Rick and Morty is a fan favorite, but the release dates for recent seasons has gotten more and more haphazard. So while we wait for episodes of the 5th season of Rick and Morty, tide yourself over by checking out Close Enough, a show about transitioning into 30’s. They share the same creator and occur in the same universe, and best of all they have their own weed gummies.

Floor is Lava

This one is pretty fun. From a kids game to a life sized obstacle course filled life sized artifacts and “lava”. It’s one of a wave of silly game shows, but the 3D sets and the exploding lava makes it a perfect smoking companion.