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Feb 26, 2023
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7 best Washington weed brands you must try in 2023

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Millions of Washington visitors and locals want to know: what are the best Washington weed farms in 2023?

Whether you’re on a business trip to Seattle, or a local trying to hack through the forest of the massive, mature market to find something with flavor that won’t let you down, we got you.

Leafly’s Pacific Northwest expert Will Hyde has spent years walking the fields, hitting the shops, picking up the phone, and packing bowls to detail seven Washington farms you can count on for quality, flavor, and consistency.

Fifty Fold

(Courtesy Fifty Fold)
  • Location: Spokane Valley, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 30 employees
  • Production: Less than 1,000 lb of cannabis per year

Fifty Fold is cultivated by a small team of passionate connoisseurs who prefer to let their flower do most of the talking. They’d rather spend their time obsessing over the sweet musk of Presidential Kush and the way their Slurricane expresses itself with a hint of sour grape funk.

Their nursery supports more than 60 unique strains in their genetic library allowing them to rotate through their lineup in a curated fashion with every harvest. Asking them to pick a favorite strain is like asking a parent which child is their favorite and to be fair you really can’t make a wrong decision when choosing between Fifty Fold jars. If you love dank skunky terps you can’t miss their GMO x Dosidos cross “GMO si do” with its sweet and savory profile.

Fifty Fold strains you have to try

  • Presidential Kush
  • Tropaya
  • Zazul

Where to find Fifty Fold

Fire Bros

Ice Cream Sherbert. (Photo by Alex Prindle Courtesy Fire Bros
Ice Cream Sherbert. (Photo by Alex Prindle Courtesy Fire Bros
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 45 employees
  • Production: 4,000 lb of cannabis per year

If you’ve smoked weed in Washington anytime over the last decade-plus you’ve likely come across Fire Bros. If not, it’s time to change that

Fire Bros is a Cup-winning legacy brand from Washington’s medical era that has been a staple in head stashes from Seattle to Spokane since well before I502 passed. One of the state’s first brands with a reputation for consistently producing quality flower with exceptional flavor combinations, like the blend of sweet fruit and gas of their award-winning Sour Pebbles from back in the day to the bright citrus fumes exploding from Lemon Slushee.

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With Fire Bros it’s always been about the little details. The care and attention to detail throughout their entire process—from pheno hunt through harvest—is what has helped their flower stand out from the rest for so many years.

In-house breeding projects and rigorous pheno hunting helps Fire Bros cultivate flowers that are uniquely their own and offer a refreshing alternative to some of the more common varieties that regularly populate dispensary menus.

Fire Bros strains you have to try

  • Crepe Ape
  • Lemon Slushee
  • Pineapple Pancakes

Where to find Fire Bros


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Lazy Bee Gardens

(Photo by Matt Bernhard, Courtesy Lazy Bee)
(Photo by Matt Bernhard, Courtesy Lazy Bee)
  • Location: Winthrop, WA
  • Grow style: Greenhouse Outdoor
  • Size: 8 -14 employees
  • Production: 2,000 – 3,000 lbs of cannabis per year

If award-winning sungrown cannabis is what you’re after Winthrop’s Lazy Bee Gardens will have you buzzing.

Lazy Bee Gardens’ award-winning sungrown gets outdoor-lovers buzzing.

Grown in the heart of Central Washington’s Methow Valley, Lazy Bee’s passion for crafting fragrant, flavorful flower is matched only by their efforts to maintain sustainable agricultural practices. They proudly boast one of the industry’s smallest environmental footprints. Which is especially impressive for a farm of Lazy Bee’s capacity. They maintain that their permaculture practices are better for the plant, planet, and ultimately the customer who gets to enjoy the results.

Lazy Bee’s strain offerings feature just about any flavor profile you might be after. From gas to fruit and everything in between. With classic strains like Blue Dream, DJ Short’s Blueberry, and Cherry Pie as well as their award-winning creations like Bacio Bars and Powder Hound, plus the two dozen other strains they keep in production.


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Lazy Bee Gardens strains you have to try:

Where to find Lazy Bee Gardens

Plaid Jacket

Perfect Pair. (Photo by Annie Abbey, courtesy of Plaid Jacket)
Perfect Pair. (Photo by Annie Abbey, courtesy of Plaid Jacket)
  • Location: Tumwater, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 43 employees
  • Production: 5,000 lbs of cannabis per year

If we’re talking fresh and new, it doesn’t get much newer than Plaid Jacket. After hitting the market last year Plaid Jacket is already turning heads.

The first thing you’ll notice about Plaid Jacket is how well the brand puts together thoughtful, recyclable materials and packaging consciously protects the flower from light degradation.

The flower behind the glass looks and tastes just as impressive. The strain selection from Plaid Jacket defies the ordinary, featuring interesting genetic pairings like Emergency #9, an Orange Push Pop x Sunset Sherb cross, and obscure lineages with interesting names like Ethiopian Sky Cuddler Kush.

Plaid Jacket strains you have to try

Where to find Plaid Jacket


Payton's Pie. (Photo by Joshua Andersen, courtesy of Skord)
Payton’s Pie. (Photo by Joshua Andersen, courtesy of Skord)
  • Location: Battle Ground, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 16 Employees
  • Production: 2,600 lbs of cannabis per year

SKöRD sells out faster than most, so scoop those jars while you can! Chances are high it’s from a fresh drop.

There are several reasons why SKöRD sells out. First: their flavor. Rare terpene profiles and selective pheno hunting push the flavor palette of SKöRD strains in their unique direction with award-winning results, like with their Hidden Pastry cut.

If you’re a genetics nerd and like to follow specific breeders or strain lineages you’ll appreciate that SKöRD always attributes the parent strains and highlights the breeder on each jar.

Another reason to love SKöRD—their consistent quality no matter what product you enjoy. Their flower, hash rosin, PHO, and vape cartridges are always in such high demand because they consistently deliver a fresh and flavorful experience that stands out.

SKöRD strains you have to try

  • Animal Cocktail
  • Devine Kush Breath
  • Nightmare Cookies

Where to find SKöRD

Sky High Garden

Sky High Tropicanna Punch. (Photo by Phil Dozer, courtesy of Tropicanna Punch)
Sky High Tropicanna Punch. (Photo by Phil Dozer, courtesy of Tropicanna Punch)
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 18 employees
  • Production: 1,300+ lb of cannabis per year

Sky High Gardens offers everything you could hope for from craft cannabis grown in the heart of Downtown Seattle. Beautiful frosty buds thoughtfully grown under energy-efficient LEDs without any pesticides. Sky High’s lineup of flowers presents an impressive range of strain options and flavor profiles to choose from. Each one with its unique label art.

Sky High CEO Phil Seda explains that at Sky High Gardens, craft means taking the extra care necessary to cultivate in small batches to produce flavor and effect miles above the rest.

That extra care shows itself in every hand-trimmed jar they release. While their consistent quality over the years has built a local legacy that people can count on. 

Some older budtenders will remember smoking their Blue Dream and Alien Asshat back in Washington’s medical era while those new to the brand might be more excited to hear about new strains like Apple Slapz or fresh product releases like their infused joints.

Sky High Gardens strains you have to try

  • Apple Rain
  • Mintmosa
  • Pineapple Chunk

Where to find Sky High Gardens


Hyphy. (Courtesy Torus)
Hyphy. (Courtesy Torus)
  • Location: Whidbey Island, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 30 employees
  • Production: 2,500 lbs of cannabis per year

Torus also catches your eye with its clean design and thoughtful packaging. But once you unwrap the flower it’s easy to see the quality and care they put into every aspect of their products.

Torus sets itself apart from the pack with its cultivation style: deep water culture, a meticulous form of hydroponics that blends art with science to push a flower-first philosophy with eco-conscious practices.

Torus flower engages all of your senses with flavorful flowers that are often too pretty to break down. You will have a hard time trying to decide which one to try first but don’t stress. You’re in for some quality smoke no matter which strain you choose. Look for staples like their Trop Cookies and Grape GMO or try some of their more unique varieties like the new Hyphy strain they just dropped.

Torus strains you have to try

Where to find Torus

OK, those are 7 fabulous Washington cannabis farms—go forth and explore those terps!

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