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5th Element Strain Review

Chris Tucker’s character in the 5th Element was prophetic. Prince was an anomaly unto himself and Morris Day was almost a comical expression of the too too pretty boy. However, if you were to know when the 5th Element came out; the men would start more and more wearing creative feminine hairstyles and clothing. Now that as sex symbols I would have said hell naw, but…

Sorry, that ain’t got shit to do with what we are discussing. The 5th Element strain is the product of crossing All Spark OG and Blackberry Strains. The 5th Element must be sleep, because that is what you are going to do after hitting this shit. I told my folks at Select I needed some evening relief from workouts, but this was more than I was expecting.

The Fifth Element can get up to 22% THC levels and can offer 1%CBD. This strain tastes of citrus earth toned dankness! It leaves a dank taste that tingles. Enjoy in the late afternoon or evening.

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