5 Words Overused To Describe Cannabis Effects

"I find this the most meaningless word to describe a cannabis strain. I often see strains I know are comotose indicas described as relaxing."

I read reviews of strains all the time to determine what I am going to grab for my next toking experience. There are some sites I faithfully visit frequent as I appreciate their descriptions. AllBud, Hytriva, and Leafly tend to offer some good information. There are also words used in so many strain reviews that to me; do not mean anything! What does energizing, uplifts, euphoric, relaxing, and sleepy mean speaking about cannabis?

Jet Fuel

Oxford Languages online defines energize as giving, “give vitality and enthusiasm to”… Or to, “supply energy, typically kinetic or electrical energy, to (something)”. Understood. Sour Diesel energizes me. Jet Fuel energizes me. I recently had Cosmic Crisp from Select Co-op and that definitely energized me as well.

Green Crack

Many strains are described as uplifted. I had to think what is the difference in my experience? Uplift is defined as “Something that makes a person feel more cheerful, positive, or optimistic”. I realize I have had strains that uplift without energizing. Cherry Pie, Green Crack, and Skunk strains uplift my mood without energizing me. I never truly thought about the distinction with my sativas.

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The word I see tossed around a lot is Euphoric. I find this the most meaningless word to describe a cannabis strain. Euphoric is defined as “a feeling of well-being or elation” by Merriam EWebster online. I feel a feeling of “well-being” every strain I smoke and every time I smoke. Elation is a word I would and have used as some strains do specifically boost feelings of enjoyment or happiness. I associate euphoria with indicas as the enjoyment just before going down for the count. I simply do not seek out “euphoria” as a factor in choosing a strain.

I also like to mark the distinction between relaxed and sleepy. I appreciate a good hybrid that will offer relaxation, “free from tension and anxiety; at ease”. Blue Dream, Old Toby, Wedding Cake are strains that while providing sativa energy that uplifts and energizes, also offers a relaxation or calmness of the body.

Northern Lights

I often see strains I know are comotose indicas described as relaxing. No Sir! I will not define sleepy. We all know what that is. I reject that strains like Northern Lights, Blueberry, or Granddaddy Purple are described as relaxing. These strains are tranquilizer darts that go well beyond the stage of relaxation! However, you can choose your strain and describe its effects… Happy 4:20!