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Dec 15, 2022
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5 Holiday Gifts Every Cannabis Lover Will Appreciate

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The holidays are here, and finding the perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiasts in your life should be high on your list of things to do—pun intended. It’s easy to get your blazin’ friends and family members some extra bud for their stash, but it’s not as easy to come up with something extraordinary that shows you really care. The following are some unique yet practical gift ideas that are sure to wow anyone who loves cannabis.

Pax Vaporizer

Vaping cannabis is a healthy alternative to smoking it. Chances are you’ve used a cannabis vape pen that contains concentrate, but have you ever vaporized cannabis flower? Pax is one of the top brands that sells dry herb vaporizers for doing just that. While Pax products are on the spendy side, we think they’re worth it—here’s why.

Pax’s easy-to-use, handheld, rechargeable dry herb vaporizer makes the process of vaping flower as easy as can be. With one-button control and enough charge to last 2 hours straight, the Pax makes the perfect dry herb vaporizer for a personal sesh or one with friends. This unit has four temperature modes to choose from that offer different types of hits, and you can use it for concentrates as well.

Check out the Pax Mini and Pax Plus here.

Care Bear Stash Jars

Stoners love a fun stash jar! These adorable little Care Bear stash jars can be found on Etsy and come in a wide variety of styles ranging from traditional Care Bears to more conspicuous “stoner” Care Bears. They are about 9 inches tall and house a half-pint canning jar for cannabis flower; simply twist off the head and put your stash inside. Keep in mind that this gift is not ideal for people with kids, as it can be easily mistaken for a toy.

Check out some Care Bear stash jars here.

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Weed Waffle Maker

Everyone knows that cannabis is notoriously associated with an increased appetite, often referred to as a case of the munchies. Enter, the weed waffle maker! This fun waffle maker pumps out delicious, thick waffles—but wait, there’s more! The device stamps a giant cannabis leaf on the waffles, giving it that special ganja touch. You can even add a little decarbed cannabis to your waffle mix to make true cannabis-infused waffles.

Check out the weed waffle maker here.

Tetra Slide Lighter

This versatile lighter, which comes in four colors, makes a great gift for anyone who smokes cannabis. The heating element resembles a car cigarette lighter or the top of a stove burner, allowing the device to easily light joints and pre-rolls. The lighter stays safely and conveniently stored inside of itself until you’re ready to use it. Simply slide it open and the element will begin to glow, allowing you to spark up even in the windiest of conditions.

Check out the Tetra Slide Lighter here.

HIGH Ball 

HIGH Ball (“A Handheld Electronic Game for The Seriously Baked”) is the perfect gift for your playful stoner friends. It’s not only an aesthetically appealing light show but also a mind-strengthening game that will put your physical dexterity to the test. HIGH Ball has two different modes: game mode and ambient mode. In game mode, the object is to bring the highlighted color to the top before time runs out. The ambient mode has four original music tracks and four interactive light patterns.

Check out HIGH Ball here.

Ashley Priest is a patient, mother, entrepreneur, and activist that fights to end prohibition globally for a better future for all. Ashley has a passion for sharing education pertaining to the goddess plant known as cannabis. She believes that a single seed can tip the scales and that together through education we can end the stigma that is preventing cannabis from flowering to its full potential globally.

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