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5 Best Hybrids Of 2020

It is not like this is an exhaustive list. Select Co-Op offers so many strains throughout the year. However, there are some strains that were so remarkable and memorable they must be recognized… Let’s put some “Spect” on their names!

Blue Train must be mentioned. I am a long-time fan of Blue Dream… However mixing Blue Dream with Trainwreck is a genius combination that is a wonderful sativa hybrid. The smooth taste and soothing focusing elements of Blue Dream are buttressed by the energizing nature of Trainwreck to offer an amazing relaxed sativa experience!

What about Chem Fuego? If you missed this then definitely grab it when it comes back around. The name speaks for itself. It is Chemdawg Fire! The combination of Sour Diesel and Headband make this sativa hybrid amazing to experience. One may call it Super, Super, Super Diesel to the 3rd power!

While the name is stupid and does not make any sense the strain is amazing. Old Toby is said to be named after the ganja Gandalf was smoking in The Hobbit. Whatever, it sounds like an old Basset Hound sitting on someone’s porch. This is an indica dominant strain that energizes the mind and body to get up, move around, and get shit done… While offering 10% CBD therapeutic effects. This hybrid is one of a kind!

Did you check out Sour Banana when Select had it? If not when it comes back then grab it! This strain tastes exactly like its name. However, more than the taste this amazing strain will energize you for hours during any activity. It is a sweet tasting Sour Diesel.

Last and definitely not least is Wedding Crashers strain. If you noticed the theme is hybrids that facilitate activity and engagement. Wedding Crashers definitely does that! I do not know how; as its parents are Purple Punch and Wedding Cake… Two potent indicas that put you down for the count…yet Wedding Crasher is energy to crash the party all day and night with an amazing decadently sweet taste usually associated with the most potent indicas. As we end 2020… Definitely grab these strains in 2021 when Select brings them back around!

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