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4G Strain Review

4G Strain Review, okay we got Gelato #45, Gorilla Glue, and Girl Scout Cookies. Simply put I’m yelling out like Tony the Tiger that 4G strain review is GREAT!!!! This is cross-breeding brilliancy. The best elements of each strain shines through to give you 4G perfection. I bow down to Dark Heart Nursery for this creation.

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4G strain review is considered indica dominant. This is one of those instances where the label does not tell the whole story. The body relaxation 4G hits you with is powerful! The body relaxation begins creeping in instantly, builds over time, holds you there, and slowly melts away. This is a great medical use strain as the mental effects are not heavy, couch-locking, or debilitating. Dosing with this strain you will still be functional and elated while enjoying the therapeutic effects.

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4G Strain has a dense structure. Dark lavender, indigo, and green hues swirl in large marble size nuggets. The 4g review colors blend together like a painted marble. The taste is a nice sweet and sour blend with a hint of chocolate and cookies. The parent strains blend together nicely giving the palette a rare treat!

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