4:30 PM 4th Of July

Let’s dissect and break down the ideal 4:30 day for the 4th of July. Before we even get started let’s be clear. Grab all materials and supplies at least two days before the 4th. If you have to grab stuff on the third then so be it. I have been there. Nothing is worse than having worked all week, running errands, and you just forget the 4th is actually a holiday. The weed dudes if they even answer the phone usually will be sold out anyway. Holla at Select early y’all.

OK, let’s breakdown the day. First and foremost arrange the supplies. If the festivities are at your house then Kool. If not make sure to have the edibles, papers, flowers, and dab and/or water pipe if you really tryin to stunt on your friends/cousins. OK supplies are organized and you are stocked with a bomb sativa, a few edibles, and an evening finisher for the festivities.

Before folks arrive….or before you leave to arrive wherever you are going let’s munch down an eddy real quick. Enjoy being relaxed with the fuel to enjoy socializing and vibing even more. Maybe have a few on the side if you can to toss to a few folks to share the introduction ride with you. This is just the introduction to the John Blaze, the Method….man!

Visit Select Co-Op Recreational Dispensary

Have some Blue Magic, Mandarin Cookies, Chemdawg or some sativa from the dues at Select that instantly adds fuel to the fire. You and whoever else had partaken in the eddy should be slightly down by now. This is also the time to stunt. If they aren’t getting shit from Select Co-op then as soon as you open the bag bamas going to be thankful you came! Let the sativa effects boost everyone to enjoy the fireworks more, socialize, and be prepared to tear some grub to pieces…

I have a disclaimer here. Actually it is a re claimer. I have to reclaim the good nature and sanctity of a few sacred beings. Please bear with me. I am not saying any of you wonderful people are responsible for such depravity as what I am about to describe, but I have to comment here. If there will be mac and cheese at your event…Whether you cook it or someone else does the only acceptable extra ingredient to macaroni and cheese is lobster. That is it! Sugar, corn, brussel sprouts, green beans, anything else makes it a damn cheese casserole or nasty mess. We ain’t come for casserole. We came for mac and cheese. We still talk about my cousin for putting goddamn sugar in the mac and cheese a decade ago.

Next we must be clear on potato salad. There was nothing wrong with potato salad. It was perfect as is when my grandmother and mother made it. I don’t have sisters. However I got cousins and friends that have watched too damn many cooking shows and shared too many you tube recipes. Do not put grapes, raisins, mangoes, red wine, strawberries, pineapple, nor figs in the damn potato salad. Nobody wants to see a rainbow or pinkish reddish looking mystery dish..Just don’t do it…just don’t! Don’t!

OK now we have reclaimed a few food items…it’s time to wind down the night after the grub and firework display. If you just want to break out a nice balanced hybrid to chill folks out that is definitely a winning move. If you want to close out on a final stunt to do so in the water pipe just is a nice way to end folks evening and show how on point your 4:30 game is…But if we truly want to shut shit down, probably have to be home, then break out the torch, and hitter for a dab action to definitely end the evening. Have an awesome 4:30 4th of July!