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420 Storefront Danger

420 Storefront

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420 Storefront Danger

“Umm yeah… Setting up a storefront is making it easy for DC to pick and choose..they choose who is flaunting it in the cities’ face.”

Welcome to the District 420 celebrators. Whether you are coming into town to simply enjoy the sites and fine dining or to simply hang out with friends be safe this 420 be safe. There is a common misconception, made by many people that live here as well, that it is legal to sell cannabis. One may think that as there are weed stores advertising and operating in the district.

Simply put, such weed stores are simply being given enough rope to hang themselves. The District is clear on how cannabis may be shared with friends as a gift. According to DC city government. “It is legal for a person who is at least 21 years old possess two ounces or less of marijuana and transfer one ounce or less of marijuana to another person who is at least 21 years old, so long as there is no payment made or any other type of exchange of goods or services”. This is called initiative-71 compliant.

420 Storefront Art2

Case in legal point, Select Co-op charges subscribers for access to the website. As a cannabis user you are paying for their knowledge, site access, and gifting the delivery person for their physical time and effort to bring a “friend” their cannabis gift. You may feel that is skirting the line where the law is concerned. Legal advisors say it is, and since it is a fine line it is something difficult, almost impossible to prove it was not a “gift”. A store is just blatant. The DC government is not concerned with delivery services for gifting cannabis. That is your safest way to get cannabis in DC.

Now let’s speak to what is a concern. The law is murky. However a basic tenet of home-owners in any neighborhood, anywhere is that they do not want a lot of people that do not live there creating a lot of foot traffic, car traffic, and visible cannabis use (legal or not) in their neighborhood. People buy homes in neighborhoods for specific reasons. No one bought a home in Georgetown DC to be near a cannabis shop.

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Case in point is this Cannabis store front raided. The owners lay their legal defense on their Initiative-71 compliance. Sometimes you have to know what is written between the lines. The area where this was located is one of the most upscale sections of DC. Home owners have the wealth, city influence, and connections to make it difficult to bring such an obvious weed store in their midst. The store was raided a few times in the span of months. The owners said they were not charged, but all of their product was seized and the doors and windows were busted out, again numerous times.

After the last raid this business was shut down and relocated. This article speaking to Police Cannabis raids speaks to why the shop was shut down. The building owner said “he did not want anything to do with that type of business”. DC streets and neighborhoods are small, I do not enjoy driving in DC. However, when you run a business that is borderline legal, it attracts people that hang out in front of the store, increases traffic and the presence of people not living in a neighborhood, as well as disrupting other’s business by increased traffic you must be aware of these dynamics. 

The folks that were raided feel DC is “picking and choosing who they want to mess with.” He stated, “We’ve got to get out of Georgetown… They’re just using the taxpayers money and trying to financially exhaust us.” Umm yeah… Setting up a storefront is making it easy for DC to pick and choose..they choose who is flaunting it in the cities’ face (and customers there are fair game to get picked on as well)…. Stay tuned 420 celabrators. Next we will discuss the outrageous prices of store fronts and other sketchy dynamics.

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