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420 In DC For 4/20 Events

Washington DC still has restrictions for gatherings and events. Virginia and Maryland, the states that surround the district have adjusted many regulations, but DC is standing pat. I wanted to go to a Wizards game and see Westbrook play, but I was reminded that no fans at games in DC yet. However, there are some 4/20 events you may want to check out that are happening in DC. The first is the Entering Cannabis: the Global Landscape Summit. This event will be aired online live and will last from 11AM through 11PM. Tickets are available via eventbrite.

This event is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, medical professionals, and definitely consumers. There will be workshops for entrepreneurs to legally brand their products and meet potential investors. There will also be networking opportunities for investors and service providers to connect to business owners as well. 

There are modules set up for physicians and health care professionals to market their practices to clients. There are also educational sessions to learn more about the benefits and wellness options associated with cannabis. This event is free, but one must register through eventbrite. Also happening on 4/20 is the C4 catering Couples event. The cost for this event is $20 and tickets are also available on eventbrite. This event is on April 20th and will run from 7PM to 10PM. Check out the infused options for cannabis consumers…

420 in DC

The C4 company offers soul food infused options. Salmon or BBQ chicken with the traditional mac and cheese, greens, yams, etc. They also sell infused drinks and edibles as well. There will also be a $1 raffle to win treats and prizes at the event as well. Whether you check out an online 4/20 event or hit the town for some 4/20 grub, Enjoy your 4/20!

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