420 Fitness

In my Bob Marley voice… The “sun is shining, the weather is sweet make you wanna move”, and enjoy (this weekend treat). This week it has been warm in the morning and evening. It has been above 60 degrees consistently in the early morning. I don’t care about the date, that signals summer for me!

It is time to plan excursions and get outside to regenerate and recharge. I am a Cancer and crave the sun and water activities. So my friends let’s get some 420 fitness activities to enjoy. First and foremost is the water! Whether you want to kayak, paddleboat, paddleboard there are many cheap rental options around the DMV. There are also a few options to buy them cheap on Craigslist or from a sporting goods store. If you fancy or have a jet ski or personal boat do your thing! Disclaimer: We do not promote consuming marijuana then operating an aquatic vehicle!  

I recently downloaded an app to peruse the trails on my newly purchased mountain bike. I am not a paid advertiser so I am not promoting the app, but there are a few to navigate the trails of this area or anywhere in the country. I enjoyed a 15 mile trail ride this morning. Allegedly, I may have experienced some 420 effects on this ride. Ride with caution my friends!

Visit Select Co-Op Recreational Dispensary

Recently, I was put on to the Jump Rope Dudes Youtube channel. I never jumped rope as a child and want to learn to cross, skip, and jump rope like a boxer. This is an awesome whole body workout especially using a heavy rope or weighted handle jump rope. Afterwards a jay of Sour Grapes was ideal relaxation.  

The DMV has a lot of horse stables. Whether you ride horses or not many stables offer guided tours. If you are a novice they put you on horses that are used to being ridden and are pretty docile. We did this with a group of friends and it was an awesome afternoon. 420 may have contributed to the enjoyment.  

Lastly, get into some 420 fishing. I have only been fishing twice in my life. Honestly, I am not a fan. My children experienced it with other families and they continue to enjoy it. I enjoy being by the water. I can go fishing and not fish; just hang out and 420. I do want to do some ocean fishing though. There are companies in Annapolis that will take you out and afterwards clean and gut the deep water fish you catch. Summer is here, or near if you want to be technical. Get outside and be 420 fit!