4:20 Fitness Toker

OK I got a partner that complains he is too busy to get a daily workout routine in. He is active and moves around a lot during the day. My advice to him is be more mindful of nutrition, yes nutrition, and get in mini challenges throughout the day. This is not a nutrition piece but as metabolism slows for folks getting into thirty and stretching into 40 it’s about what to eat more than what to do (exercise)…but I got a challenge for him and any toker that claims they do not have time to work out.. Let’s get in!

First is the Doorway toker challenge. If you know you are at work, home, or a space with many doors always being transverse…then accept the Doorway challenge as the daily workout. Every time you walk under a doorway drop and do ten push ups (or five if that is hard for you)…it can be ten body weight squats, or 10 (or 5) dips on a chair, but do it every time you walk under a doorway. Post a sign to remind you, friends, and/or co-workers!

What about the stairway challenge? If you live upstairs, work upstairs, or find yourself in the city on elevators often. Take the stairs for a day! Every place you go take the stairs. If it is at work then you can estimate how often you will be going up and down and adjust to add more or less depending on your activity. 

Random bell challenge. Work, home, does not matter. Set a bell or time to go off every 10 or 15 minutes. Every-time it goes off then do whatever predetermined repetitions of your chosen exercise. We have done this at work for the whole work day. By the end of the day folks hate the person that suggested the idea!

This is definitely a 4:20 workout challenge. The open fridge Challenge!  Every time you open the refrigerator, cabinet, or pantry give yourself an intense amount of exercises to do. When this is done with 4:20 friends it is hilarious when somebody that just had to do push ups has to do them 10 minutes later looking in the same place for grub!

I also give you a 4:20 themed challenge to conclude. I give you the Netflix/Amazon/YouTube click challenge. This takes an aware mind paying attention to the Netflix/YouTube search wormhole. Every 10 clicks do ten push ups…That means after you scroll past ten shows or videos get up and do ten push ups, ten burpee’s, ten squats, etc. Then go back to zombie clicking. Enjoy your 4:20 times…remember there is always a second to get in a 4:20 burn my friends!