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4:20 Events 86’d?

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4:20 Events 86’d?

“On April 19th the National Cannabis Freedom Festival will happen in Brooklyn New York. Actually, the event is scheduled to run from Monday the 19th.”

Every year the National Cannabis festival is held in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, for the second year in a row the festival is canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. The event has been tentatively scheduled for June, 2021. Let’s check out 4:20 events that are, or are not happening this year.

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Well the Washington, DC cannabis festival is canceled, but it looks like the 420 Hempfest sponsored by Hops Kitchen in Crozet, VA is still happening. They promote a CBD infused menu and 3 bands will perform. I would contact the organizers of the event to be sure if interested. Also… Full disclosure: I have never heard of or been to Crozet, VA and I was raised in Northern, VA. I do not think Redman or Cypress Hill will be performing! 

On April 19th the National Cannabis Freedom Festival will happen in Brooklyn New York. Actually, the event is scheduled to run from Monday the 19th into Tuesday 4/20. The event has advertised speakers, government officials, growers, vendors, seminars, and live music. The event website has not indicated cancellation, but I would verify with event organizers if interested in attending.  

The Underground 420 Fest is being held in Inglewood California Tuesday April 20th lasting until the morning of Wednesday April 21st. The event advertises music, vendors, food, giveaways, and guest special guest appearances. Music performances by Mr. White Dogg, Young Ceno, as well as Steve Damar have been promoted. This event is to be held at the Boiler Room. verify with the event organizers for details.

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One of the largest 4/20 festivals each year is the Flyhi 420 festival. This event is held in Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, this event suffered the fate of the National festival in DC and has been canceled. No updates have been provided to date.  

If you choose to frequent a live-event 420 festival this year enjoy my friends. Please still practice social distancing. I will be checking out some online shows on 4/20 and going for a 4/20 extended bike ride to celebrate the day… 420 out!

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