420 Activities For August You Wont Want To Miss Before The Summer Is Over!

For those that know Washington DC August is a dead month. People are on vacation, the Government is all but on vacation, and it is mostly empty downtown compared to the rest of the year. A dive into the city took me 39 minutes during rush-hour last week. That same drive usually takes over an hour. While the city is more free to move around in, let’s look at some 420 activities for August.

All of these activities are prefaced with my recommendation to grab your 420 supplies from Select Co-op! While it is not wise to smoke in public moving around the city. No one knows the cannabis edible you are munching on is an edible or a quick hit of a resin cart is easily concealable.  While I never recommend doing so, lol!

Are you aware that the 420 festival from April has been rescheduled to August 28th. It is the National Cannabis festival. Antibalas, the afrobeat band, Backyard Band (classic go-go for my age group if you don’t know), and Young M.A amongst others will be performing. That is not my thing.  Enjoy if it is yours. However, with the city somewhat empty there are other options for those visiting DC.

While it is not Las Vegas by any means, many enjoy the MGM and National Harbor visiting DC. Possibly with edibles in tow, that may be a good 420 experience for DC newbies. In addition to restaurants and a few outdoor attractions there is also watercraft rentals at the harbor.  

Georgetown is often popular for walking near the water, boating, and of course eating and shopping. If that is your vibe, then grab some 420 supplies from Select and head down there. Near Georgetown is the Potomac, MD and is famous for river kayaking that offers myriad trails and parks as well.  

Lastly, I suggest simply checking out DC. Look at the vibe or culture you want to engage in by checking out spots in Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, Logan Circle, or Top of the Hill Georgia Avenue. Now is a great time to explore the city that is less congested with traffic. Even the monuments, Smithsonian, and Government buildings are less congested to tour at this time. Remember the rules of engagement for 420 activities on federal land,(DON’T DO IT)! 420 safely friends!  

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