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4 Kings Strain Review

4 Kings

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4 Kings Strain Review

“4 Kings is the product of crossing LA OG Kush and Triple OG. I guess the Triple OG plus LA OG makes a quadruple punch of Kush.”

King Kush may be a better name for this strain. I could see Kush Dream as another possibility. There is another strain similarly named, but they are totally different. Do not confuse the sativa 3 Kings with this indica beast of 4 Kings we are getting into right now…

Dream Kush

4 Kings is the product of crossing LA OG Kush and Triple OG. I guess the Triple OG plus LA OG makes a quadruple punch of Kush. Kush is the king of indica elements and that is definitely what you will get here! This is for indica Kush lovers for sure!

OG Kush

Let’s go through the Kush checklist… Heavy, dense nuggets and bud structure. Check! Piney, earthy, dank taste… Check! Quick burst of euphoria followed by the heavy couchlock and munchie attack… Check and check! Enjoy indica connoisseurs.  

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