4/20 Quarantine Musings

It goes to reason that 4/20 outdoor and public celebrations are being canceled throughout the world. So vibing on this good 4G energy from my guys at Select. I am thinking about some quarantine 4/20 celebration ideas I have heard tossed around. Cleverly, many folks are getting together for 4:20 virtual gatherings and/or 4:20 small gathering pot luck sessions.

Come with your clever recipe combination to enhance and synthesize the cannabis effect and flavor. Rich stews, sauces, or marinades are ideal to just toss in your grinding flowers. Enjoy jays, enhanced grub, and one of the many online studio festivals that will be happening.

For those wanting to be mellow and introspective on the day of 4:20. I offer you the 4 minute and 20 seconds for four hours and 20 minutes toker’s “meditation” challenge.

Inhale a toke and hold it for 20 seconds and exhale repeating this four times. Repeat this process every 4 minutes and twenty seconds. See how baked, aware, or how long you can last through the full 4 hours and twenty minutes. Have water handy and bathroom breaks are allowed!

4:20 might be a day you your partner, or any partner for that matter might just want to say “fuck it”. So fuck! Try the 4:20 Tantra. If you and/or your partner is unaware of the author Mantak Chia or sex tantra this is the perfect time to learn. Sex tantra is understanding the principles of breathing and focus with specific techniques and positions. It is also fun to read it with your partner to compare things like does the shape of her mouth indicating vaginal width and depth match ideally with your partner’s nose and eye structure indicating size and with of the shaft. Maybe a lot of 4/20 babies will be born in February!

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What about 4:20 community drive-by sessions? Here it out first. Choose a landmark, street corner, or park site to become the official party site. Folks could cruise around the block in their cars passing the same mark and blowing smoke every time you ride by. Slow down and have passenger click pic for the iconic celebration. I definitely do not recommend this anywhere recreational marijuana is illegal…and official disclaimer, the act of smoking and driving is not being promoted or recommended!

Don’t let 4:20 throw you off the workout discipline you been picking up over the quarantine. What about getting in a 4:20 workout at 4:20. Get in 4 sets of 20 weighted pushups, kettle-ball squats, kettle-bell lunges, kettle-bell dead-lifts, rows, and overhead presses. If you don’t have kettle-bells use water jugs, bags filled with heavy items, or just use your own body-weight. I am getting into a Sally ladder circuit. Many use the song Flowers by Moby to workout for time under tension as opposed to reps as an increased challenge! If you really feeling froggy my Sally challenge is play the song on a loop. Complete 1 push up, 2 pull-ups, 3 squats. You may rest for 20 seconds. No big deal now but it will be realize every time the say “Sally Up” you pushup, pullup (and hold), or come up from the squat. When they sing “sally down” you hold the low pushup position, low pullup position hanging, and low squat position until they say up…for more fun there are random breakdowns in the song you gotta hold until they day back up! The ratio for pullups/pushups/squats begins with 1/2/3 then just doubles the original number. Next set is 2/4/6, then 3/6/9, then 4/8/12, then 5/10/16 and the last ladder going up is 6 pullups, 12 pushups, and 18 squats were you held the position until the song indicated raise up or go back down. Then go back down the ladder ending with 1/2/3 as you started. The 5/10/16 and 6/12/18 sets are beasts!

Hit us back with some of your own 4:20 ideas for the day of 4/20.  Or comment on the dopeness or ultimate wackness of ours. We can take the jabs and roll with the punches.  What will you be getting into on 4/20?  Be safe, keep distance, baked all day if you choose…and definitely spark up at 4:20 on 4/20