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4/20 And Beyond… More Than 1 Day

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4/20 And Beyond… More Than 1 Day

“Some folks named 4/21 For All Day. This celebration was started by a group called 421 For All to spread the message. It kinda is still just a 4/20.”

We all know that for years April 20th. 4/20 is the cannabis smoker’s holiday. The date is taken from the 4:20/420 smoking code that has its shrouded origins. Over decades 4/20 celebrations have grown from underground events to the large sponsored annual events associated with San Francisco, LA, Denver, DC, New York, etc… Unfortunately, this 4/20 has many events postponed or canceled all together. Instead of focusing on lack, let us look at other cannabis holidays to celebrate… We may even be able to do some in person in the near future!

420 and beyond

The first holiday I some what call bullshit upon…. Some folks named 4/21 For All Day. This celebration was started by a group called 421 For All to spread the message of inclusion and restorative justice as the laws and thus the business of cannabis changes. I call bullshit because for many people 4/20 celebrations last unto the next day anyway… It kinda is still just a 4/20 celebration isn’t it?

This next celebration is ironic. For me it is so as I have only met two other people in my life with the same birthday as myself. Now I know July 10th is also the official DAB day. It is actually a celebration of all cannabis concentrates. Change the date! I do not DAB. That shit almost blew my head off… I say 7/10 is Dab or Doobie day!

Jack Herer

Jack Herer’s birthday is cannabis day of importance. I suppose. The labeled “Emperor of Hemp” as an activist and author is said to be integral in the legalization of cannabis. I just will not be smoking Jack Herer on Jack Herer day. If you remember O’Dweed’s weedless weed skit on the Chapelle show; that is about the effect I get from Jack Herer strain.

I was totally unaware of CBD day also. Now CBD is not even associated with cannabis in the mainstream. We have CBD products in every grocery store, gas station, pet store, etc. Now that CBD is an official staple of the American “wellness”, some call it snake oil market, but to each their own it has been given a day to recognize it. 8/8 is CBD day. I suppose you celebrate it by taking a supplement and enjoying the feeling of, nothing.

We shall end with the last cannabis culture day of the year. December 6th, 12/6 is Legalization Day. December 6th, 2012 Washington became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. Although, we are waiting to see when the national/federal legalization will occur. Until then I shall treat everyday as a celebration of legalization day… 420 out!

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